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Cowboys’ Running Game Needs to Improve

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At NBC, I took a look at the Cowboys’ rushing attack through three games. Check out some of the ‘Boys’ rushing stats based on run type:

  • Dive: 8 for 41 (5.13 YPC)
  • Lead Drive: 18 for 46 (2.56 YPC)
  • FB Dive: 1 for 0
  • Draw: 6 for 29 (4.83 YPC)
  • Lead Draw: 3 for -1 (-0.33 YPC)
  • Power: 10 for 28 (2.80 YPC)
  • Stretch: 2 for 3 (1.50 YPC)
  • Toss: 2 for 52 (26.0 YPC)
  • Counter: 1 for 5

Read more analysis at NBC.

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2 Responses to Cowboys’ Running Game Needs to Improve

  1. James Knight says:

    Jonathan the only way The Dallas Running Game can improve is when there is better blocking up front. You don’t need 5 All Pro’s up front. But you need Big Strong Mean Men who want too go out an hit somebody in the other uniform. It’s nice to have a Quarterback, who can put up those big numbers, but let’s remember if no one can stop the pass rushers, then that Quarterback is not going to put up those numbers. The same goes for The 1,000 yard Back, no blocking means no yards. Its simple, The OL has always been a problem for The Cowboys, and they choose not to fix it it The Draft. But for some reason Jerry Jones do plays the importance of The OL in The Draft.

  2. I’d agree, James, but I’d say the easiest way to fix the blocking is to stop calling the same running plays. Run out of spread, run on third down, run without a fullback, run counters (one all year despite 7.2 avg over last three years), and then we’ll see superior efficiency.

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