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Cowboys Using Fewer Motions Than Ever | The DC Times

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Cowboys Using Fewer Motions Than Ever

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At NBC, I just posted an article detailing the Cowboys’ use of pre-snap motion. In 2009, the motion rate was as high as 42.5 percent. It has steadily decreased since that time:

Fast-forward to 2012, and the Cowboys sure seem like they’ve moved on from excessive motions, especially early in the game. The ‘Boys motioned only eight times out of 56 plays (14.3 percent) on Wednesday, including none in the final 25 snaps. They gained 57 total yards, including the 10-yard touchdown pass to Kevin Ogletree and the sack for -7 yards on the second play of the contest.

Read more at NBC.

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One Response to Cowboys Using Fewer Motions Than Ever

  1. Greg says:

    Did you see the Bears Packers Thursday game? The Bears used very little motion, route trees and kept attempting longer developing routes. Cutler was sacked and picked off in a way that looked similar to the Packer rout of Dallas that led to Phillips firing.

    The part that was hard to watch was that the Bears did not change their formations or their attack or their motion. They did not alter the count, the use of other players and despite getting good production from Michael Bush, abandoned the run. Their receivers were not open and the Packers were unflinching in the secondary and relentless at the line.

    Why? Because similar to Jason Garrett’s brilliance, the same play and formations attempted multiple times, expecting different results. Dom Capers knows how to bait that offense into certain tendencies and thus determine where the offense thinks it can be successful.

    The offense needs more variety, more motion and more things that confuse the defense. Watching the Giants today, they had so many different blocking patterns and use of many WRs.

    And, by the way, Martellus Bennett is still taller than most DBs. And strangely, his height has now garnered him 9 catches and 10 TDs which turns out to be 50+ catches and 10+ TDs. Strangely, Kevin Gilbride is not sending him out on a 3 yard screen or hitch to try to fool the defense. Strangely, the designed pattern and the resulting mismatch is very effective.

    Strangely, running the ball 15 times and throwing 50 does not work.

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