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September’s Hot Cowboys Fan, Part II: Amanda Sobocinski | The DC Times

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September’s Hot Cowboys Fan, Part II: Amanda Sobocinski

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I told you the “Hot Cowboys Fan” feature is coming back in a big way. Last week, we had Selma Alameri reignite what has sadly become the most popular part of The DC Times. All of my film study and stat analysis gets tossed aside the moment you guys see a nice ass. But you stat-lovers need to look at photos of hot chicks in between crunching the numbers, apparently, and who am I to say no?

Is it fun getting e-mails from these girls with 50 pictures of themselves in bikinis and tight dresses? No, it isn’t, I have things to do guys. But I suck it up and publish this stuff anyway FOR YOU. You’re welcome.

September’s Hot Cowboys Fan numero dos is Amanda Sobocinski. Amanda likes shopping, hiking, and babies, but we won’t hold that against her.

Name: Amanda Sobocinski

Age: 25

Heritage/ethnicity: Polish/South African/French

Astrological sign: Leo

Location: Dallas (born and raised in Los Angeles)

Profession: Cosmetologist/Realtor

Likes: Shopping, writing, chocolate, hiking, peanut butter, painting, babies, snowboarding, socializing

Favorite physical feature on a guy: Lips and eyes. Toned body, but I don’t like muscles that are too big.

Top three qualities in a man: Great sense of humor, smart, genuine, respectful, and honest (Editor’s Note: Also, Amanda wasn’t great in Math class). 

Best way for a guy to approach you: Smile and be confident.

Best place to meet guys: Depends what kind of guy you’re looking for. If you’re religious, attend church events; if you are a sports fan, go to local sporting events; or if you want the intellectual type, visit book stores and college events. I usually meet guys through mutual friends. I’ve never met anyone serious at a club/bar because you can’t hear each other speak.

Best Advice For Guys: Be a gentleman, pick her up, open doors, keep chivalry alive. Don’t try too hard and be yourself. Once you have her, don’t lose those qualities.

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, History Channel, The Bachelor (guilty), Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite Movie: Pretty Women, Toy Story, Dumb & Dumber

Favorite Book: Great Gatsby

Favorite Food: Sushi, Thai, and a nice juicy steak.

Favorite Music: Indie, country, oldies…everything really.

Best Feature: Hair, guys say my behind…

Thoughts on Tony Romo: The best quarterback and puts his heart in the game.

Thoughts on Jason Garrett: Good coach, but needs results this year.

Favorite current Cowboys player: Tony Romo, Jason Witten

Favorite all-time Cowboys player: Emmitt Smith

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: Super Bowl XXX

You can follow Amanda on Twitter @MissAmandax0

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