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Cowboys Need More Efficiency in Running Game, Not More Attempts

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At NBC, I posted an analysis of the Cowboys’ running game, explaining why they need to change the nature of their runs rather than simply “sticking with it until it works.”

On their 18 spread runs, the Cowboys have gained 78 total yards (4.33 yards-per-carry). That’s not outstanding, but it’s certainly superior to the 3.34 YPC the ‘Boys are averaging out of tight formations. Of course, the offense generally lines up in tight formations in short-yardage situations, but the disparity in game situations isn’t as vast as you might think for tight runs versus spread runs. The average distance-to-go for a first down on tight runs has been 8.7. For spread runs, it’s just barely higher at 9.3. Thus, it appears as though Dallas is repeating their history of rushing most effectively out of spread formations.

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