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Deep Passing Game Almost Non-Existent for Cowboys | The DC Times

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Deep Passing Game Almost Non-Existent for Cowboys

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Through six games, Tony Romo has attempted only 20 deep passes (20 or more yards). At DMN, I explained why the percentage of deep passes needs to pick up.

On the season, Romo has thrown only 20 passes that have traveled at least 20 yards. That’s 9.0 percent of his attempts. And it isn’t as if Romo is missing on his deep attempts; he’s completed 10 of them for 253 yards, three touchdowns, and one pick—that’s a passer rating of 114.6. Hitting on a deep passes, as we saw Romo do on his lone deep attempt against the Panthers—the 26-yard touchdown to Austin—can provide the offense with the “quick and easy” scores they need to get going.

It isn’t as if Romo is checking down all the time, either; he’s executing the plays that are given to him. The problem is that even though the probability of executing on short passes is high, the chances of being able to do it again and again over the course of a drive aren’t so good. If we continue to see runs on 2nd and 1 (something I discussed in my article on why the Cowboys beat the Panthers in spite of Garrett) and other ultra-conservative calls, the Cowboys are going to keep stringing together 18-play drives that result in a field goal try.

Check out the entire article at DMN.

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One Response to Deep Passing Game Almost Non-Existent for Cowboys

  1. Gabe says:

    Since Terrell Owens left and Miles Austin became a starter, they haven’t really thrown the ball deep on go routes. Owens used to run them, and Austin used to run them before he was a starter. Now, the only time you see a play be somewhat deep is when Romo extends the play and someone gets loose. Before you could blame it on the offensive line… but they’re starting to block better. I’d like to see some deep throws, even jumpbballs to Dez, Austin, or even Andre Holmes.

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