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Cowboys beat Eagles with balanced offense. . .or did they? | The DC Times

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Cowboys beat Eagles with balanced offense. . .or did they?

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At Dallas News, I took a look at why yesterday’s game is the perfect example of why many consider balanced offenses to be a good thing, but they’re mistaken.

As you may have guessed, there’s more to the Cowboys’ 53.7 percent pass rate against the Eagles in Week 10 than meets the eye. In reality, Tony Romo didn’t drop back to throw a single time in the fourth quarter. Not once. Jason Garrett called for 29 passes and only 18 runs in the game’s initial three quarters. One of those “runs” was a kneel-down before halftime. Of the plays that were a legitimate attempt to move the ball downfield, not simply run down the clock, the ‘Boys passed 63.0 percent of the time. Thus, Garrett wasn’t really balanced at all.

And that’s a good thing. Remember, from 2008 to 2011, the Cowboys won 64 percent of their gameswhen they passed the ball at least 57 percent of the time through three quarters. When they passed it less frequently, they won only 42 percent of their games.

Check it out at DMN.

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2 Responses to Cowboys beat Eagles with balanced offense. . .or did they?

  1. bW says:

    You’re hatred for the balanced offense thing surpasses your hate for Double Tight Right Strong Right I think. =)

  2. bW: It does! The sad part is that we’ve seen no change whatsoever in the way that beat reporters/columnists/etc discuss the Cowboys. It’s the same “run the ball” rhetoric with anecdotal stats, and it’s shit. It’s really, really lazy writing, and frankly it’s a joke that so much garbage is out there. But other than that… :)

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