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Cowboys’ Gun Trips Play-Calling Hasn’t Changed | The DC Times

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Cowboys’ Gun Trips Play-Calling Hasn’t Changed

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I’ve posted on Jason Garrett’s play-calling from Gun Trips (below) every year that I’ve run The DC Times.

I really should have been a graphic designer. Anyway, I recently took a look at the play-calling from Gun Trips in 2012 at Dallas News.

Yesterday, I posted an analysis of the Cowboys’ running game broken down by formation. While collecting data for that article, I noticed the play-calling from a particular formation—Gun Trips—was odd. Specifically, the Cowboys have lined up in Gun Trips Left/Right 52 times this year, and they’ve dropped back to pass the ball from the formation 52 times—as in every play.

Looking back on previous analysis, this has been a trend of Jason Garrett’s for years. Actually, the Cowboys have run 232 plays from Gun Trips since 2009, and 231 of them (99.6 percent) have been passes. The run came on a 3rd and 18 in 2009.

Check out the entire analysis.

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