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Cowboys Need to Run Out of Spread Formations | The DC Times

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Cowboys Need to Run Out of Spread Formations

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At Dallas News, I took a look at the Cowboys’ rushing stats from each formation.

For the sake of simplicity, I labeled a ‘spread’ run as any that came from a formation that utilized three receivers. Note that I’m not referring to the personnel package; when the Cowboys use “21” personnel—two running backs, one tight end, and two receivers—but line up in “3 Wide I,” I label it as ‘spread.’ Also note that I grouped together some small variations of certain formations. Both “I Right” and “I Left” are together in the “I Formation” category, for example. Finally, the total number of rushes reflected below falls a bit short of the Cowboys’ overall count because I exclude kneel-downs and quarterback scrambles.

First, let’s take a look at the runs from tight formations. . .

Tight Formations

  • Ace: 11 for 44 yards (4.00 YPC)
  • Double Tight I: 25 for 58 yards (2.32 YPC)
  • Double Tight Ace: 29 for 73 yards (2.52 YPC)
  • Double Tight Twins Ace: 10 for 73 yards (7.30 YPC)
  • Double Tight Strong: 2 for 0 yards (0 YPC)
  • Double Tight Weak: 1 for 1 yard (1.00 YPC)
  • Full House: 2 for 11 yards (5.50 YPC)
  • I Formation: 6 for 8 yards (1.33 YPC)
  • Jumbo I: 6 for 5 yards (0.83 YPC)
  • Strong: 6 for 22 yards (3.67 YPC)
  • Twins: 19 for 46 yards (2.42 YPC)
  • Weak: 8 for 76 yards (9.50 YPC)

All Tight: 125 for 373 yards (2.98 YPC)

Read the rest at DMN.

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