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Running the Numbers: More Cowboys-Falcons Film Study | The DC Times

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Running the Numbers: More Cowboys-Falcons Film Study

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My Running the Numbers piece takes a look at more interesting stats for the ‘Boys following their big loss in Atlanta in Week 9.

  • Sunday night’s loss is the perfect example of why passing attempts are strongly correlated with losing; it isn’t that frequent passing is a cause of losing, but rather that teams that are already losing are forced to pass the ball late in games. The Cowboys aired it out on 12 of their 13 fourth quarter plays, bringing the final pass rate to 66.7 percent. The truth is that the Cowboys attempted to be balanced through the first three quarters, passing the ball just 23 times compared to 17 runs.
  • Romo threw for 9.17 yards per attempt (YPA) and recorded a 109.3 passer rating. The late passing attempts were too-little-too-late for a team that managed only 3.61 yards per carry (YPC) on the ground. Amazingly, 50.8 percent of the offense’s rushing yards came on two carries to start the third quarter.

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3 Responses to Running the Numbers: More Cowboys-Falcons Film Study

  1. James Knight says:

    Jonathan luv Bro, but really The Cowboys lost because “THEY CAN’T RUN THE BALL”! PERIOD. They Played good enough on Defense. Twice it The Red Zone, and 2 Field Golds. The Score should have been 14 to 3 Cowboys at The Half. But they can’t run, because of Poor Line Play. Jason Garrett knows this, and it the reason why he throws the ball. Other teams know we can’t run the ball because of poor line play. Most teams in The NFL, (The Good Ones) are going to make that 4th nd one, they are going to run the ball in the Red Zone and Score. Dallas can’t because of poor line play. If Jerry Jones has one big fault it’s that they don’t Draft Good Strong Quality Offensive, and Defensive Line Men. Drafting players like Robert Brewster, and Sam Young is not going to get the job done. Who ever is telling Jerry and Stephen these are good players should “BE HORSE WHIPPED” I can make better selections then than. I understand that Jerry likes his “Flashing Players (Cornerbacks, and such) but they are going to have to start drafting and coaching up a better quality of Offensive and Defensive Line Men. It does make any sense to pay a Brandon Carr, or Draft a Morris Claiborne, when the only person you have to put pressure on The QB is DWARE.

  2. James Knight says:

    Sorry for that “Rant” Jonathan, but I just had to get some of that out

  3. Brian McDonald says:

    I think jonathan is right about the lack of deception on offense. And perhaps they can run reasonably well from spread offenses. The offensive line is hardly great but somehow the whole still seems less than the sum of its parts. I think it’s Garrett’s play calling.

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