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Cowboys’ chances of winning NFC East nearly a coin flip | The DC Times

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Cowboys’ chances of winning NFC East nearly a coin flip

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At Dallas News, I broke down the Cowboys’ chances of winning the NFC East after taking down the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

There are four possible outcomes over the Cowboys’ final two contests: WW, LW, WL, and LL. The first outcome—if the ‘Boys win both games—would win them the NFC East because, even if the Giants win both of their two remaining games, the Cowboys will trump them on a division tiebreaker. The last scenario would obviously knock Dallas out of the playoffs, as would the third.

If the Cowboys lose to New Orleans and beat Washington in Week 17, they can still get into the playoffs if the Giants lose at least one of their two remaining games. In that case, the Cowboys would either be tied with the Giants at 9-7 or be in a tie with both the Giants and Redskins at 9-7 (depending on the Redskins’ fate in Week 16). Per NFL.com, head-to-head and three-team tiebreaking rules within the division are as follows:

  1. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
  2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
  3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.

Since the Cowboys will have a better division record than the Giants if they win in Washington, they’d get in if the two teams end up tied. If all three teams have the same record, Dallas would also win that tiebreaker due to a superior record in common games.

Check it out at DMN.

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