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Running the Numbers: Stats on the Bengals

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My latest Running the Numbers piece is a look at the Cincinnati Bengals.

12: Cincinnati’s rank in passing efficiency.

The Bengals’ offense is built around their elite offensive line and wide receiver A.J. Green. Leading the league in touchdowns, Green is one of the league’s most dynamic players. He can run the entire route tree, possessing the size to win inside and the speed to beat defenses deep; his 29 targets of at least 20 yards rank fourth in the NFL.

The Bengals are just 12th in net yards per attempt (YPA) at 6.6, however, because they don’t have anyone to truly take the pressure off of Green. The Bengals know that and quarterback Andy Dalton often forces the ball to his talented wide receiver. Green already has 120 targets, 24 more thanDez Bryant, and Dalton has tossed five interceptions when throwing to Green.

91.5: Dalton’s passer rating when blitzed.

Dalton has been just as efficient against the blitz as when defenses rush four or fewer defenders, thanks in large part to his offensive line’s ability to pick up extra rushers. Nonetheless, Dalton is prone to making mistakes when defenses blitz; his interception rate doubles from 2.4 percent to 4.8 percent when defenses send the heat. With 24 passing touchdowns and 13 interceptions, Cincinnati has a surprisingly high-risk/high-reward offense.

1,323: Rushing yards allowed by the Bengals.

Cincinnati has allowed only the 22nd-most rushing yards in 2012, suggesting they have an above average run defense. Bulk stats rarely tell the whole story, however; the Bengals actually rank 30th in the league in defensive rush success rate, i.e. only two teams have had a greater percentage of rushes that hurt their ability to stop a drive. In comparison, the Bengals rank 10th in the NFL in defensive pass success rate and sixth in efficiency with only 5.7 net YPA allowed. If the Cowboys are going to continue to rehabilitate their running game, the Bengals are as good of an opponent as any to do it against.

Check out the whole article at DallasCowboys.com.

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