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By Jonathan Bales

Tony Romo vs Blitz in 2012

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At NBC, I broke down Tony Romo’s stats versus the blitz and other defensive looks.

This year, we’ve seen a bit of a shift from Romo. Specifically, he’s performed slightly worse against the blitz than normal, but he’s improved at finding receivers when defenders disguise their intentions. Take a look at the numbers (N/N means the defense didn’t show blitz and didn’t come, N/Y means they didn’t show blitz but then rushed five or more defenders, and so on).

N/N: 215-for-327 (65.7 percent) for 2,595 yards (7.94 YPA), 17 TD, 9 INT, 13.1 percent off-target, 4.7 percent sack rate – 95.8 passer rating

N/Y: 60-for-90 (66.7 percent) for 684 yards (7.60 YPA), 3 TD, 2 INT, 10.0 percent off-target, 3.2 percent sack rate – 91.2 passer rating

Y/N: 48-for-65 (73.8 percent) for 422 yards (6.49 YPA), 0 TD, 1 INT, 7.7 percent off-target, 7.1 percent sack rate – 84.3 passer rating

Y/Y: 56-for-86 (65.1 percent) for 568 yards (6.60 YPA), 2 TD, 4 INT, 10.5 percent off-target, 7.5 percent sack rate – 72.2 passer rating

Read it all at NBC.

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