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By Jonathan Bales

Bill Callahan’s Offensive Tendencies: 2000-2003

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At Dallas News, I examined the Raiders’ play-calling when Bill Callahan was in Oakland.

54.1: Percentage of first downs on which the Raiders ran the ball

The Raiders ran the ball quite a bit on first down from 2000 to 2003. Their first-down run rate was even higher than the league average of 52.4 percent during that time. The Raiders’ first-down run rate through three quarters (54.5 percent) was even greater, suggesting Callahan really does like to attack on the ground early.

55.9: Raiders’ pass rate in all situations

In general, though, the Raiders passed the ball about as often as the average NFL team. Their overall pass rate through the first three quarters of games (56.3 percent) was slightly higher.

17.3: Raiders’ pass rate on 2nd and 1

Few coaches realize the value of 2nd and 1—a down and distance that holds maximum upside without much risk. Smart teams like the Saints often run play-action and throw deep on 2nd and 1 because they realize that the downside of an incompletion is minimal. Callahan is one of the coaches who has tended to run on 2nd and 1 to pick up the “sure thing.” From 2000 to 2003, the Raiders faced 75 plays on 2nd and 1 and passed on just 13 of them.

Check out the rest at DMN.

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