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Tony Romo’s 2012 Stats Versus the Blitz | The DC Times

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Tony Romo’s 2012 Stats Versus the Blitz

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At DallasCowboys.com, I broke down Romo’s 2012 stats against various defensive looks.

Coming into the 2012 season, quarterback Tony Romo generally performed about as well against the blitz as he did when defenses sent four or fewer rushers. From 2009 to 2011, his 93.7 overall passer rating against the blitz was comparable to his rating when not blitzed.

However, Romo has traditionally been at his best when defenses don’t disguise their intentions; that is, when defenses showed blitz and then sent five or more rushers, Romo has thrived. It’s when defenses try to fool Romo by either faking a blitz or lining up conservatively and blitzing that the quarterback has struggled.

In 2012, however, we saw a shift in Romo’s play. This year, Romo was actually at his best when defenses disguised their looks. Below, I’ve sorted all of Romo’s throws based on what the defense did pre- and post-snap. The first letter (N or Y) details whether or not the defense showed blitz and the second tells whether or not they indeed sent at least five rushers.

N/N: 255-for-384 (66.4 percent) for 2,897 yards (7.54 YPA), 20 TD, 10 INT

N/Y: 67-for-104 (64.4 percent) for 923 yards (8.88 YPA), 5 TD, 2 INT

Y/N: 48-for-65 (73.8 percent) for 467 yards (7.18 YPA), 0 TD, 1 INT

Y/Y: 55-for-95 (57.9 percent) for 616 yards (6.48 YPA), 3 TD, 6 INT

See the whole post at the team site.

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