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Tony Romo’s Throws on Each Route in 2012 | The DC Times

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Tony Romo’s Throws on Each Route in 2012

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At NBC, I broke down Tony Romo’s 2012 throws by route.

Every off-season, each NFL team goes through a period of self-evaluation during which they formulate a plan for the future. After all, signing free agents and drafting rookies is difficult if you don’t understand your weaknesses. In addition to self-scouting for personnel reasons, teams also want to learn how they can improve their game plans in subsequent seasons.

When I track plays from Cowboys games, I’m basically conducting an analytical form of self-scouting. My goal is to quantify the aspects of the game that others see on film, potentially lending credence to or discrediting certain ideas. One new aspect of my film study for 2012 is tracking each run route on each play. I did this primarily to judge Tony Romo’s accuracy when throwing to different areas of the field. Here are the results:


  • Angle: 0-for-1
  • Back Shoulder: 8-for-13 for 95 yards, 5 TD
  • Check Down: 34-for-39 for 261 yards, TD
  • Comeback: 17-for-27 for 206 yards
  • Corner: 4-for-11 for 75 yards
  • Curl/Hitch: 86-for-108 for 741 yards, 2 TD, INT
  • Dig/In: 18-for-29 for 320 yards, 2 TD, 5 INT
  • Drag: 22-for-31 for 218 yards, INT
  • Fade: 0-for-6
  • Flat: 32-for-44 for 237 yards, INT

See the rest of the routes at NBC.

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