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Fantasy Football: QB Success By Height | The DC Times

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Fantasy Football: QB Success By Height

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At RotoWire, I took a look at whether or not quarterback success is correlated with height.


You can see the quarterbacks are pretty scattered, although there does appear to be a slight correlation between height and success. Interestingly, four of the six most successful first or second-round quarterbacks drafted since 2000—Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, and Eli Manning—all checked in at exactly 77 inches.

If we break down the result into group averages, the results become slightly clearer.

You see some success in the 71 to 73-inch group, but that’s probably the result of a small sample size. Only five such quarterbacks were drafted in the first or second round between 2000 and 2010, and two of them were Vick and Brees. The fact that the AV-per-season drops for quarterbacks in the 74 to 75-inch group suggests the success of the shorter quarterbacks is a fluke. The success of the passers who stand 76 and 77 inches tall, on the other hand, is pretty remarkable.

You can see the rest at RotoWire.

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