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Dallas Morning News Chat: Tony Romo, Tyrann Mathieu, and Trading Back | The DC Times

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Dallas Morning News Chat: Tony Romo, Tyrann Mathieu, and Trading Back

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I did a live chat a little while ago at Dallas Morning News. Here’s a good portion of it:

  • Hey what’s up guys? I’m here and ready to field some of your questions. Let’s get it going.
    by Jonathan Bales 1:59 PM
  • Romo notwithstanding, teams don’t win superbowls with only 5 rushing tds in a season, and a patchwork offensive line. If they have, prove it, and I will not support Romo. Some media types shouldn’t have jobs.
    by Joe 2:00 PM
  • I don’t think anyone thinks the Cowboys can get by without improving their running game. There’s absolutely no doubt that this team needs to run the ball more effectively. The disagreement is in what constitutes an “effective” running game. The truth is that the Cowboys don’t actually win games when they run the ball often to start. The reason that we see them win when they remain “balanced” is that they run late when winning (or vice versa, pass late when losing) to skew the final totals. They’ve historically been MUCH better when they pass the ball a lot to open up games. You’re certainly right that the Cowboys need to improve their running game, and that starts up front, but they don’t need to run the ball more often, just more efficiently.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:03 PM
  • If all 5 of the top off lineman are gone by pick 18 is it a reach for hte boys to take fluker??
    by Ray from Southside 2:03 PM
  • I think it is. If the Cowboys want to “reach” on an offensive tackle, I think Menelik Watson from Florida State is a much better option with a higher ceiling. Others disagree, but I see Fluker as a second-round talent.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:04 PM
  • Clabo, Smith, Winston all on the market, Cowboys have any interest in any you think? Then draft focus interior line.
    by Jose Hernandez 2:04 PM
  • There are some rumblings that the Cowboys might have interest in Winston. Personally, I wouldn’t sign anyone until after the draft. Dallas has consistently dished out bad money to aging players, and that’s how they’ve gotten themselves into trouble. But I think the team will want to wait until the draft to see how it unfolds; you never know what will happen, and you don’t want to corner yourself into one specific strategy.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:06 PM
  • Is it just a coincidence that the Cowboys have been taking small school or project players in the 4th round recently (AOA, Arkin, Matt Johnson). Seems to have become the gamble/reach round. What players could have the misfortune of being our 4th round pick this year, thus dooming their careers before they even begin?
    by DCUforums 2:06 PM
  • I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but the Cowboys are probably looking for high-upside players in that range, as they should. That’s around the time of the draft when teams have historically found the most success by emphasizing high ceilings, and lots of times small-school players with big-time potential drop due to their school. In that range this year, some small-school guys the ‘Boys might target are OT Terron Armstead from Ark. Pine-Bluff (although he might not drop that far), T/G Brian Winters from Kent State, DE David Bass from Missouri Western, and JJ Wilcox from Georgia Southern. Wilcox in particular is a player to keep an eye on.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:10 PM
  • Who do you forsee as a viable option for tackle leading into the #NFLDraft? #cowboys
    by kacie_phillips 2:11 PM
  • In the first round, I don’t think there’s any chance the Cowboys will even be in a position to trade up for one of the three elite offensive tackles. That leaves players like D.J. Fluker and Menelik Watson, both of whom are probably reaches in that spot. I think a second or third-round tackle is more likely. In that range, you might see them go after players with T/G versatility, such as Kyle Long or Justin Pugh. As mentioned, Terron Armstead could be an option in the middle rounds as well.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:13 PM
  • Woud the boys take tavon austin (even tho i dont think he will last that long) but would they take him cause imo he is a game changer and would make this offense then very dynamic
    by Ray from Southside 2:14 PM
  • I don’t think the Cowboys will be considering Austin. He’s certainly talented, but the Cowboys use Miles Austin in the slot and they also have Dwayne Harris/Cole Beasley. They really need to be searching for a big, physical receiver who can play outside in three-receiver sets and fill in for Austin or Bryant if they go down. Also, as talented as he is, let’s not forget that T. Austin is 5-9, 174 pounds. We can talk about speed all day, but the truth is that the most successful wide receivers in the NFL are usually big. The average size for the top 10 receivers in 2012 was 6-2 and 218 pounds. Even if this team didn’t have a number of holes, Tavon Austin probably wouldn’t be the right pick.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:17 PM
  • Would u be in favor of the boys trading back to accumulate more picks??
    by Ray from Southside 2:17 PM
  • No doubt about it. If the Cowboys can pile up more picks in the second and third rounds, especially, that would really help the team. The NFL still uses the old “Jimmy Johnson trade chart,” but the problem is that it weighs the value of early picks way too much in relation to how the players actually perform in the NFL. If the Cowboys don’t see any elite options on the board at No. 18, they could benefit from moving back. They’ll probably be able to secure a comparable player anyway, and then get an extra mid-round selection on top of it. And whether or not you think Jerry Jones is a quality drafting GM, the easiest way to “hit” in the draft is to maximize the number of selections.
    by Jonathan Bales 2:20 PM
  • will miles Austin play an entire season and at least live up to half the expectation of what he’s getting paid?
    by steinomite 2:21 PM
  • I have no idea if Austin will play the entire season, but people seem to forget that he’s done it in three of the past four years. Injuries are a really fluky thing and we often label players as “injury-prone” when they aren’t really more susceptible to injuries than anyone else, just more unlucky. In terms of what we can expect from Austin, I think a line similar to what we saw last year is about where he’ll be. As the No. 2 WR and really the third or fourth option on the field at any given time, Austin isn’t really doing as poorly as people believe.

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