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DMN Cowboys Draft Chat

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Just participated in a chat at Dallas News. Here’s a portion:

  • Hey what’s up guys? I’m here and all set to take your questions.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:00 PM
  • Did the cowboys not take Elam due the fact the tampa 2 doesn’t need great safeties to work
    by eric from indy 12:00 PM
  • A few points: first, Monte Kiffin will run some Cover 2, but there’s going to be a whole lot of different looks, including more Cover 3 with Barry Church in the box. This isn’t going to mirror everything he did in Tampa a decade ago. Having said that, there’s no doubt that he wants and needs a play-making safety in the back end. I don’t know if he has that in Matt Johnson, but I still think the Cowboys want a safety. They didn’t take Elam (or another safety) because, as I’ve mentioned before, the position isn’t scarce in this draft. If they like Elam, Cyprien, Thomas, and Wilcox all around the same, it wouldn’t make much sense to take one of them early when you could grab one in the second or third. I still think that they’ll address the position in those rounds.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:03 PM
  • Cowboys’ offensive lineman had many injuries last year switching to Bill Callihan’s technique. what are the chances that the same happens to Frederick? Also, should he lose weight?
    by DeMario Davis 12:03 PM
  • I don’t think the injuries had anything to do with Callahan’s zone blocking scheme; they just got unlucky. The chances of Frederick getting injured under Callahan are the same as they’d be under any other coach. I don’t think he necessarily needs to lose weight, even if the Cowboys will be zone blocking, because that’s not his game. He’s not Jonathan Cooper, so there’s no sense in trying to become that. Plus, the Cowboys really need guys who can win at the point in short-yardage situations when they run up the middle. I don’t know if Frederick can do that, but losing weight wouldn’t help his cause.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:05 PM
  • If San Francisco wanted the Cowboys 18th pick so bad, why didnt the Cowboys hold out until San Fran gave up their 2nd round pick?
    by Justin H 12:06 PM
  • I just posted an article on the trade, but I’m really not sure. I’m sure the Cowboys tried to get the second; it’s unlikely Jerry would just immediately accept a third, but I still think they could have gotten better compensation. It’s not that the deal is inherently poor for the Cowboys, because it’s not. What they got back is actually fair for the move down, but the point is that if they could have gotten more, they should have. It doesn’t really matter what the picks are “worth” outside of what the Niners perceived them to be worth, and if the Cowboys could have gotten more, it was a sub-optimal trade. I have a difficult time believing they couldn’t have at least gotten another late-round pick out of a team that was obviously desperate to trade up.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:09 PM
  • Why is Ratliff still on this team? Isn’t Floyd better (and much cheaper) than Ratliff is right now?
    by Big Kev 12:09 PM
  • I don’t know if Floyd is a better player than Ratliff right now. He will be in a few years, obviously, but the Cowboys obviously felt as though they have bigger needs. And although Floyd was hyped up like crazy heading into the draft, I guarantee you he wasn’t as high on most teams’ boards as he was in the media. Before the draft, I had Floyd as a borderline first-round value, and I didn’t think he was the best player available when the Cowboys were on the clock. I actually think Dallas made the right move in trading down, but they needed to get more in return and, perhaps, a different player. In hindsight, I’d probably take Floyd at 18 over Frederick at 31 and a third-rounder, but that doesn’t mean the trade wasn’t smart at the time.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:12 PM
  • So, which DT with long arms and a quick twitch are the Cowboys going to be able to find in today’s rounds?
    by OKC Cowboy Fan 12:12 PM
  • For me, that player has to be Kawann Short. Actually, when the Cowboys were on the clock at 31, I thought that would be their guy. He’s the top defensive tackle remaining on my board by a long shot. He’s actually so scarce at this point that I’d strongly consider moving up for him. The Cowboys have extra ammo now, and I see the drop from Short to the next tier of defensive tackles as being a big one.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:14 PM
  • wouldn’t Sly Williams have been a better pick at 18 rather than trading down?
    by Rod Bower 12:14 PM
  • Yes, probably, but the Cowboys had to take on the uncertainty of not knowing who would be available when they made the deal. No matter what they tell you, I don’t think they’re happy to have Frederick at 31 and if they could replay the draft and they knew what would happen, I think they’d stay at 18. Not sure if Williams would have been their guy there, but Frederick was low enough on my board that I would take Williams over Frederick and a third. Again, that doesn’t mean the trade was a poor one when the Cowboys made it because they had to take on that uncertainty. It just didn’t work out for them.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:17 PM
  • How important are things like short arms, slow 40, (and slow in shuttle I think)? I watched some tape and to my untrained eye, he looked good.
    by How important are things… 12:17 PM
  • If you mean for Frederick, I think the most important trait is arm length. You’d like to see more athleticism out of him, but he just needs to surpass a certain baseline to be able to play center in the NFL. The Cowboys obviously believe he’s athletic enough. I have my doubts, but it’s not due entirely to his measurables. You’re right that on tape he looks good, but my problem is that he might have maxed out his potential. He plays intelligently and with great angles, but how much better is he going to get? I think it’s smart for teams to emphasize safety in the first round, but you can probably find a guy just as safe as Frederick with a much higher ceiling.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:20 PM
  • Do you think the Cowboys panic’d a little as some of the OL’s and safeties went off the board right before pick 31?
    by Michael 12:21 PM
  • I do. I think what they did in trading down in the first round and then selecting an interior lineman is smart on paper, but it wasn’t the right move in this particular draft. Historically, the area to where the Cowboys traded provides an amazing return on investment relative to the cost of the pick, but they didn’t get great compensation in the trade. They also probably knew that first-round interior linemen have generally been among the most successful of any first-round position, but we’ve also never seen a run on linemen like we saw this year. So instead of getting a guy like Warmack at 18, the Cowboys were forced into a much worse option: good in theory, but probably not so valuable in reality because of the nature of this draft.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:24 PM
  • If Tyrann Mathieu is available at the beginning of the 3rd round, do you see Jerry trading both his 3rd picks to get him?
    by Justin Hlubek 12:24 PM
  • No. Mathieu probably isn’t on the Cowboys’ board, and that trade would never happen for any player. Even if Mathieu were squeaky clean off of the field, he’s not an elite player. He might not even get a third-round grade from the Cowboys in any situation because he’s 5-9 with average speed. Where do short nickel backs with return ability typically get selected? Maybe the third or fourth round. So factor in Mathieu’s off-field issues, and I think he’s borderline undraftable.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:27 PM
  • There was a historic run on OL in the 1st round. Seems like Dallas got caught up in it and drafted a lesser player instead of BPA. Your thoughts?
    by MJD 12:27 PM
  • They say they drafted the highest-rated player on their board. I don’t think teams need to draft the highest-rated player in all situations, but obviously it’s ideal to get the best player available at the position of top need. Apparently the Cowboys did that (assuming Frederick can play guard), but it’s just not the player we thought it might be.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:28 PM
  • Don’t they still need at least 2 more starters on the OL: RT and another interior O-Lineman?
    by h 12:28 PM
  • Depending where they play Frederick, we might be looking at Smith/Livings/Costa/Frederick/Parnell right now. Parnell showed some good things last year, but I don’t think Dallas is counting on him to start and excel. I’d say that four of the Cowboys’ five starting offensive linemen are currently on the roster.
    by Jonathan Bales 12:30 PM

Here’s the full chat.

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4 Responses to DMN Cowboys Draft Chat

  1. Aaron says:

    What are the chances of cowboys getting Cyprien or swearinger in the 2nd? Do you think they will take Le’veon bell in the 3rd?

  2. I’d say the chances of one of them being on the board are very good, and it will most likely be Swearinger. I think they like some other backs better than Bell, but he’s an option there or even in the fourth.

  3. Chris says:

    You seem to have the inside track on the Cowboys. Can you tell me what the he– Jerry was thinking to allow the 49ers to move up 13 spots for just a third? Then to draft a center and not the top ranked center? I have been a Cowboys fan since the 80’s and I have stood behind Jerry with the good and the bad but this is just ugly! One of the worst moves EVER! So I ask again. What the hell was he thinking? This just shows that this ownership needs to get a GM!

  4. I’m sure Jerry tried to get more than a third. I think the Cowboys should have at least gotten a late-round pick, but if they really couldn’t, it was probably still worth it to make the trade. They just got the wrong player. Here’s my analysis on the trade http://cowboysblog.dallasnews.com/2013/04/breaking-down-the-boys-cowboys-have-their-own-trade-value-chart-but-it-doesnt-matter.html/

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