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Talking Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy

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I recently did a little interview with GoProFantasySports.com regarding my new book How to Cash in on the Future of the Game and my background in fantasy sports. The full interview is here.

What’s the most common mistake you see new players make when setting their daily fantasy football lineups?

JB: The biggest mistake in terms of the actual lineup creation process would be choosing players independently of one another. If you’re in a tournament, it’s almost a necessity to stack (pairing a quarterback with his receiver, for example) because it creates a dependent relationship that increases your team’s upside. On the flip side, you shouldn’t consistently stack in heads-up leagues because you want to minimize volatility.

Care to share where you go for the statistics that you use to set your lineups?

JB: I use Vegas lines and props, FantasyProsRotoWirerotoVizAdvanced NFL StatsPro Football ReferencePro Football FocusFootball Outsiders, and numberFire.

You’re a winning player, so you must be a gambler, what’s the craziest bet you’ve ever made?

JB: Not really a crazy bet, but when I was a freshman in college, I had two MLB parlays running at one point. I had one game in each remaining that I needed to win a pretty large amount of money for me at the time (well into five figures). The games were close and both in the bottom of the 9th, and I remember sitting at my computer in my dorm watching the games update on MLB.com. One of them was the Braves game. I needed them to win, and they were down one with Jeff Francoeur at the plate with the bases loaded and one out. He ended up grounding into a double-play to lose the game, and within about 20 seconds I lost the other parlay as well in a similar heartbreaking fashion. So I went from thinking I was going to win a salary in a single night to actually losing $50. Losing $50 should have meant nothing, but it hurt pretty bad for a while.

What is the key to dealing with losing streaks?

JB: The key is really in your perception of your bankroll. When you put money into a daily fantasy sports site, think of it as gone. Now ideally you don’t want to lose your money, but if you start to think of how much you’re “winning” or “losing,” it can affect your decisions. You win and lose money all of the time playing daily fantasy sports, so you almost have to forget that the money is real. If you think of it is a sort of currency through which you can play fantasy sports, you won’t be chasing losses. People don’t realize that at almost every point, even the best fantasy owners are below a previous peak in bankroll. It’s not like you can always win and your bankroll never decreases; it drops all of the time. If you’re a long-term winner, just trust the process; the “luck” will even out if you can stay in the game.

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