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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 30: Best Player Available, Game Theory, and Minimizing “Lost” Points

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In my new book Fantasy Football for Smart People: What the Experts Don’t Want You to Know, I’ve dedicated a chapter to the concept of “value” in fantasy football.

Minimizing “Lost” Points

You may have noticed a different type of mindset developing here. Whereas most fantasy owners are concerned about acquiring the most possible projected points with each pick, your focus should be “losing” the least. If the perfect fantasy team represents the acquisition of the most possible total projected points, your job is to minimize the loss of projected points at each selection, and that minimization requires forward-thinking the more shortsighted BPA strategy does not.

A fantasy football draft is really no different than the stock market. Both stock traders and fantasy owners seek to leverage knowledge into value acquisition, and that value is the result of cost minimization. And just as game theory is a useful tool in the fantasy owner’s arsenal, a fundamental understanding of public perception is vital to traders.

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