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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 9: The Evolution of Ideas | The DC Times

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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 9: The Evolution of Ideas

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At rotoViz, I wrote an article detailing why I think the best fantasy football analysis is evolutionary.

I write for a lot of sites, both real and fake football related. Some try to propose a unified image to readers; there are no disagreements, no debates. Meanwhile, I’m refreshing rotoViz as I write this article and see a “rap battle” between Shawn Siegele and Jon Krouner debating whether or not Marshawn Lynch is a strong sell or a strong buy. We’re one site, one group of writers, presenting multiple opinions on each side of an argument.

I bring this up because I think fantasy football analysis is less about the end result and more about the process. And the process that’s most likely to lead to positive results isn’t one through which we all agree on players, but instead one that involves healthy debates and intelligent analysis.

In many ways, such a process is evolutionary. Survival of the fittest is made possible because of variance within a gene pool. If there’s no variance, there can be no evolution. There can be no progress. While I’m not saying fantasy football is on par with evolution in terms of human significance (fantasy football is actually more important), the idea is the same; we can’t make progress without a diversity of viewpoints.

Check out the whole article right here.

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