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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 46: All-In on Cam Newton?

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Warning: This post is more about Cam Newton the NFL quarterback than Cam Newton the fantasy football star, although there are similarities between those two identities.

I recently read an interesting piece at rotoViz that compared quarterback adjusted YPA with team winning percentage, finding a very strong correlation. One of the main conclusions is that Newton is an extremely underrated quarterback (definitely worth the read).

Well, I was doing some work on expected points and found that the Panthers were the unluckiest team in the NFL last year.

Based on how Newton and the offense played, the Panthers should have finished closer to ninth in points than their actual ranking of 18th. I think Newton has some value in fantasy leagues (I have him ranked No. 2), but his worth in “real life” far outweighs perception.

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