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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 47: Mock Draft Review

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I recently participated in another mock draft with the guys at FOX Sports. Here’s some analysis:

Round 1
Pick Owner Player Team Pos
1 Puig (RotoWire) Adrian Peterson Min RB
2 Saraf (FOX Sports) Arian Foster Hou RB
3 Harris (Football Diehards) Doug Martin TB RB
4 McFadden (MSN) Ray Rice Bal RB
5 Westrich (WhatIfSports) Jamaal Charles KC RB
6 Donnelly (Twitter) Marshawn Lynch Sea RB
7 Meyer (FOX Sports) Alfred Morris Was RB
8 Jones (FOX Sports) C.J. Spiller Buf RB
9 Fowler (FOX Sports) Trent Richardson Cle RB
10 Bales (DC Times) LeSean McCoy Phi RB
11 Beall (FOX Sports) Aaron Rodgers GB QB
12 Halpin (FOX Sports) Maurice Jones-Drew Jac RB

Round 1

Eleven of the 12 picks, including the first 10, went the running back route, so yeah, I’d say that position went at a premium. I know backfield committees have consigned a priority on securing heavy-workload rushers early and often, though this urgency was over-the-top (one could say even more over-the-top than Over the Top), evidenced in Aaron Rodgers slipping to the 11th slot and Calvin Johnson going in the second round. In most standard formats, these two playmakers should be off the board by No. 10.

Personally, not especially bullish on C.J. Spiller, Trent Richardson or LeSean McCoy, yet I wouldn’t classify these selections as blatant missteps, either. Aside from Rodgers’ precipitous fall, fairly straightforward round.

Round 2
Pick Owner Player Team Pos
1 Halpin (FOX Sports) Jimmy Graham NO TE
2 Beall (FOX Sports) Calvin Johnson Det WR
3 Bales (DC Times) Steven Jackson Atl RB
4 Fowler (FOX Sports) Drew Brees NO QB
5 Jones (FOX Sports) Stevan Ridley NE RB
6 Meyer (FOX Sports) Brandon Marshall Chi WR
7 Donnelly (Twitter) Chris Johnson Ten RB
8 Westrich (WhatIfSports) Matt Forte Chi RB
9 McFadden (MSN) A.J. Green Cin WR
10 Harris (Football Diehards} Dez Bryant Dal WR
11 Saraf (FOX Sports) Demaryius Thomas Den WR
12 Puig (RotoWire) Larry Fitzgerald Ari WR
Round 3
Pick Owner Player Team Pos
1 Puig (RotoWire) DeMarco Murray Dal RB
2 Saraf (FOX Sports) Julio Jones Atl WR
3 Harris (Football Diehards} Andre Johnson Hou WR
4 McFadden (MSN) Frank Gore SF RB
5 Westrich (WhatIfSports) Peyton Manning Den QB
6 Donnelly (Twitter) Darren McFadden Oak RB
7 Meyer (FOX Sports) Vincent Jackson TB WR
8 Jones (FOX Sports) Tom Brady NE QB
9 Fowler (FOX Sports) Reggie Bush Det RB
10 Bales (DC Times) Roddy White Atl WR
11 Beall (FOX Sports) Darren Sproles NO RB
12 Halpin (FOX Sports) Victor Cruz NYG WR

And a screenshot of my starters. . .

The title of this series is “100 Fantasy Football TIPS in 100 Days,” and I have yet to provide a tip. So I guess it’s this: don’t wait on running backs. You just can’t do it this year. I understand that there’s a fear that owners will value running backs so much that you could potentially acquire value through a contrarian draft strategy, but I still think there are enough options to go RB-RB (or at least RB-WR-RB) from every draft slot. If you pick early, you’ll have a Doug Martin-Matt Forte sort of combo, and if it’s late, perhaps Trent Richardson and Steven Jackson. From the latter slot, a RB-RB strategy is almost a necessity.

If you’re going to bypass running backs early, at least take wide receivers. That won’t be my preferred strategy simply because I like so many mid-round receivers this year (Torrey Smith, Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon, Josh Gordon, among others), but there could be worse starts to your draft than Martin-Demaryius Thomas-Julio Jones, assuming you like Lamar Miller/Ryan Mathews/Le’Veon Bell-esque backs in the middle rounds.

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