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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 48: Kicking Off My Daily Fantasy Football Coverage | The DC Times

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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 48: Kicking Off My Daily Fantasy Football Coverage

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Am I allowed to say that I bet on sports? I don’t think so, so I won’t. But if I did, I’d slowly be transferring a lot of my bankroll to daily fantasy. I think daily fantasy sports are the future of wagering on games and the potential profits are remarkable for shrewd players, especially as more and more people find it over the next few years.The daily fantasy/sports betting comparison isn’t even close; with daily, you get the same rake as in Vegas (or better), but you get to play Uncle Bruce instead of the sharps in Vegas. Yeah, give me Bruce.

I think daily fantasy represents such an awesome future investment opportunity that I wrote a book on it. And I’ll also be writing daily fantasy content all season at 4for4. My introductory post is up, so you can get an idea of what I’ll be discussing throughout the year. It’s called Daily Fantasy Football: Balancing Risk and Reward on Your Way to Profitability.

I was pretty excited when Josh Moore asked me to be the Lead Daily Fantasy Writer for 4for4 because 1) I’ve begun to dedicate more and more of my “fantasy time” to participating in daily leagues and 2) I recently wrote a book on daily fantasy football. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

So at this point, the big question for some of you is “Uh, cool, but what is daily fantasy football?” Daily fantasy football involves real-money leagues that last for just a single week of the season, sometimes involving games in just a single day. Each NFL player has a salary, and owners select a lineup of players whose total salaries fit under a predetermined salary cap. Owners then compete in leagues ranging from two participants to thousands, wagering anything from nothing to hundreds of dollars per contest. The best lineups at the end of the week take home the prizes. A simple idea with lots of little intricacies that we’ll uncover along the way this season. You can check out site reviews to our favorite daily fantasy sites here: DraftDay, DraftKings, DraftStreetFanDuel or StarStreet and you can even get a free 4for4 subscription by opening a new account at DraftDay.

The primary reason I’ve shifted much of my attention to daily fantasy is that I view it as an awesome investment tool. If everything goes as planned, the industry is on the verge of exploding in much the same way as online poker did several years ago. If that happens, daily fantasy sites will be flooded with novice owners looking to get in on the action. And guess what? We—the 4for4 community—are going to be the ones sitting there to take their money.

Because I view daily fantasy primarily as an investment, everything I propose in my articles will be a function of risk and reward. Every tip about money management, league selection, projections, lineups—everything—will be provided with the ultimate goal of increasing upside while limiting exposure to risk.

And I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. Josh has agreed to stake me a couple grand to use on daily fantasy sites this year. I’m going to record the experience here at 4for4, taking you through my thought process, selections, and results each week. So technically I’m putting Josh’s money where my mouth is. Like I said, I like to limit risk whenever possible. There’s no better way to do that than to use someone else’s money.

Below, I’m going to touch on four fundamental aspects of daily fantasy strategy: money management, league selection, projections, and lineups. All of them are essential to your success as a daily fantasy owner. At the end of the day, if you’re making accurate projections—as the guys at 4for4 do so well—picking the right leagues, optimizing your lineups, and astutely managing your money, you’ll be profitable as a daily fantasy owner. Let’s get rolling.

You can check out the rest at 4for4. And sign up for a membership. It’s 100 percent worth the investment.

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