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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 79: Strength of Schedule, Part II | The DC Times

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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 79: Strength of Schedule, Part II

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At RotoWire, I posted part two of my strength of schedule analysis. If you haven’t done so yet, check out the first part.

Does strength of schedule hold up over 16 games?

When calculating the strength of schedule figures, I was looking at individual defenses from year to year. To know if it’s meaningful for our fantasy projections, though, we need to figure out how much the numbers “cancel out” over a full season. That is, how does one running back’s schedule compare to another’s schedule over the course of a season?

To determine that, I decided to examine the schedules for two teams in the league – the Jets, who face the easiest run defenses, and the Ravens, who face the most challenging run defenses.

Jets Schedule Jets’ Opp Rush Yds Allowed Ravens Schedule Ravens’ Opp Rush Yds Allowed
Bucs 82.5 Broncos 91.1
Pats 101.9 Browns 118.6
Bills 145.8 Texans 97.5
Titans 127.2 Bills 145.8
Falcons 123.2 Dolphins 108.4
Steelers 90.6 Packers 118.5
Pats 101.9 Steelers 90.6
Bengals 107.2 Browns 118.6
Saints 147.6 Bengals 107.2
Bills 145.8 Bears 101.7
Ravens 122.8 Jets 133.6
Dolphins 108.4 Steelers 90.6
Raiders 118.6 Vikings 105.8
Panthers 110.1 Lions 118.1
Browns 118.6 Pats 101.9
Dolphins 108.4 Bengals 107.2
Average: 116.3 Average: 109.7

Read the entire article at RotoWire.

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