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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 83: Another Draft Recap | The DC Times

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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 83: Another Draft Recap

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I recently participated in a 12-team PPR draft with the guys at 4for4.com. Scott Pagel posted an awesome breakdown of the entire draft. I also had some thoughts:

Team Owner: Jonathan Bales
Team Name: Jonathan Bales

Pos   Player Name                   Team    Bye    Points    ADP Rank  
D     Cardinals, Arizona            ARI     9      87        Rd:13/Pk:0
K     Hauschka, Steven              SEA     12     115       Rd:13/Pk:0
QB    Romo, Tony                    DAL     11     280       Rd:08/Pk:0
RB    Spiller, C.J.                 BUF     12     285       Rd:01/Pk:0
RB    Miller, Lamar                 MIA     6      206       Rd:03/Pk:1
RB    Vereen, Shane                 NE      10     187       Rd:06/Pk:0
RB    Pierce, Bernard               BAL     8      115       Rd:11/Pk:0
TE    Daniels, Owen                 HOU     8      162       Rd:09/Pk:0
TE    Housler, Rob                  ARI     9      138       Rd:13/Pk:0
WR    Thomas, Demaryius             DEN     9      283       Rd:02/Pk:0
WR    Smith, Torrey                 BAL     8      237       Rd:05/Pk:0
WR    Jennings, Greg                MIN     5      222       Rd:07/Pk:1
WR    Williams, Mike                TB      5      222       Rd:07/Pk:0
WR    Givens, Chris                 STL     11     161       Rd:11/Pk:1
WR    Hartline, Brian               MIA     6      145       Rd:11/Pk:0
WR    LaFell, Brandon               CAR     4      142       Rd:13/Pk:0
Total Player Points:2987

1. What was your draft strategy?
Picking from the No. 5 spot, my goal was to get one of the top-tier players at both RB and WR, and I think I did that with Spiller and Thomas. I don’t like going RB-RB this year because I think you miss out on one of the top six WRs, and I like some RBs in the third round. I ended up with Lamar Miller there, who I have on a lot of teams. Other than that, I was looking to wait on QBs and TEs.

2. Did it work?
For the most part, yes, although I’m weak at TE with Daniels and Housler. I was looking to land Greg Olsenat TE, but I waited too long.

3. Biggest surprise?
For my team, the biggest surprise was taking Greg Jennings. I don’t think I’ll end up with Jennings on any other teams this year, but I was a bit weak at WR and he dropped too far.

4. In the draft, I regret:
I regret not taking Jermichael Finley in the eighth round.

5. Your favorite early round value pick?
When Andy Rioux took Calvin Johnson at No. 9 overall, that was great value. I also like Aaron Rodgers in the middle of the third round. I considered him earlier.

6. Your favorite late round value pick?
I like Alshon Jeffery in the 11th. Big wide receiver in a new pass-first offense coming off of an unimpressive rookie year. Great chance for value.

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