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Tony Romo Best in Fourth Quarter. No, For Real. | The DC Times

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Tony Romo Best in Fourth Quarter. No, For Real.

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At Dallas News, I showed why Tony Romo gets a bad rap as a choke artist.

And the stats overwhelmingly suggest that Romo is clutch when the stakes are high. That might seem ridiculous given his reputation, but Romo actually has the highest fourth quarter passer rating of any quarterback in the NFL since 2000. Higher than Tom Brady. Higher than Peyton Manning. Higher than Drew Brees. Higher than Aaron Rodgers. On top of that, Romo has a higher passer rating in December and January than he does in the earlier months. That doesn’t fit well with what we “know” about Romo late in the season, does it?

Well, I just found a little more evidence that Romo is fine in clutch situations. Take a look.

Over the past two seasons, only Eli Manning has led more fourth quarter comeback wins than Romo. There’s a little bit of a selection bias at work because some quarterbacks, such as Brady and Rodgers, don’t lead a lot of comeback victories since their teams aren’t losing that often. But it’s still interesting that Romo has beat out many of his more comparable peers.




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One Response to Tony Romo Best in Fourth Quarter. No, For Real.

  1. Chris says:

    A great stat looking at the number of 4 quarter comebacks. Can you also run the stats of how many games were lost by Quarterbacks. A tricky stat, but when Romo played like he did at Washington, at Chicago etc last year, it is hard to remember the comeback wins.

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