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Staking Bales: Recapping My Week 2 in Fantasy Football

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So if you recall, I’m doing a series called “Staking Bales” over at 4for4 in which I try to turn $2,000 into….more than $2,000. Here’s the Week 2 recap. It was a poor week for me, but I’m still up $264.13 on the season.

I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Oh right, you can’t answer. I’ll give you the bad news.

I had a horrible Week 2. Just atrocious. I looked back on my past game data, and this was one of the worst head-to-head weeks I’ve ever had. I got destroyed on most sites after winning 62.8 percent of my heads-up matches in Week 1. Could it have been due to my unjustified bullishness on Chad Henne? Yeah, yeah I think it could.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is I’m not a complete moron, or at least you guys don’t know that I’m a complete moron just yet, because I properly managed my money to absorb the blow. If you recall, I profited $334.48 in Week 1 off of our initial $2,000 investment—a nice increase of 16.7 percent without winning any tournaments.

Here’s how Week 2 turned out. . .

Site Start Finish Net
FanDuel 747.44 818.96 71.52
DraftKings 768 660.2 -107.8
StarStreet 438.9 509.13 70.23
DraftDay 380.14 275.84 -104.3

Trust me when I say that, given my head-to-head lineups this week, this is a positive. I profited at both FanDuel and StarStreet—the second week in a row that I made money at both places—and lost right around the same amount at the other two sites. The $70.35 loss represents just 3.0 percent of my bankroll prior to the week.

Here’s how I finished in terms of heads-up winning percentage on each site. . .

Site H2H Winning %
FanDuel 34.4
DraftKings 51.5
StarStreet 90.7
DraftDay 33.3

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad. But the majority of the wins came in small-stakes leagues, whereas I lost most of those at higher prices. I’ve done some research and I actually don’t think there’s much of a difference in the competition for very low-entry leagues (a couple bucks or less) and medium-stakes ($25 or less). I just got unlucky with the distribution this week.

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