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By Jonathan Bales

StarStreet Elite Fantasy Football Tournament + Win a Trip to the Playboy Mansion

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I’m participating in an awesome expert season-long tournament on StarStreet called the StarStreet Elite. The tournament is year-long and consists of the top 39 daily fantasy football players in the world, and then me. It’s a $109 buy-in each week, and the top six get paid (with first taking $1,500). So obviously I finished in seventh last week. Here was my lineup:

Anyway, I’m currently ranked 19th out of 40 through two weeks. I’d consider it a miracle if I can finish in the top 10 by the end of the year because these are really the best players in the world. If you’re a daily fantasy player, you might want to follow it just to check out their lineups each week. StarStreet is giving away a Super Bowl package to the winner. With these 40 players, I estimate my odds of winning that at right around 1-in-nevergonnahappen.

Also, StarStreet is running an awesome tournament this week for just $5. It’s a 200-man double-up, but they’re also adding in five $109 PFFC tickets for free. Those are to win a trip to the Playboy Mansion for StarStreet’s championship. So, yeah, maybe go do that.

And if you sign up right here, just shoot me an e-mail ( and I’ll send you one of my books for free.

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