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This stat suggests improvement for Dallas

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Over at Dallas News, I posted this article on a stat that suggests the ‘Boys will improve:


That’s quarterback Tony Romo’s Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt (ANYPA) through Week 5. ANYPA is a stat that factors touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks into a quarterback’s YPA. It’s the most predictive stat in all of football; year in and year out, the best teams are those that rank highest in ANYPA.

Right now, the Cowboys rank fifth in the NFL in the category, behind the Broncos, Chargers, Eagles, and Saints. That’s good news for Romo and the ‘Boys, suggesting they’re better than their 2-3 record indicates.

To visualize the effect ANYPA has on winning, I charted the winning percentage for different groups of teams based on both their passing and rushing efficiency.

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2 Responses to This stat suggests improvement for Dallas

  1. Thomas says:

    Where does Dallas rank in ANY/A differential? With the awful pass D I would guess Dallas will need a top 5 offensive ANY/A to have a shot at a winning record. Also where do the Eagles stand in ANY/A differential? Thanks

  2. Don’t have time to calculate the differential right now, but Dallas D ranks 27th and Philly 21st. Offensive ANYPA more important because it’s more repeatable, but defensive still important, obviously.

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