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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 19: Look long and hard at certain No. 2 WRs.

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Today’s tip is to consider No. 2 wide receivers on explosive offenses. From my new book Fantasy Football for Smart People: 25 Mysteries Solved to Help You Draft a Better Team:

Prior to the 2013 season, I (and a lot of other stat geeks) were unusually high on Eric Decker. Much of the reasoning was based around Decker’s size and ability to find the end zone. Dating back to his time at the University of Minnesota, Decker has been one of the most underrated red zone threats in football.

Plus his wife is hot, and I’ve long been a proponent of drafting wide receivers based on their wife or girlfriend’s physical appearance. It’s a can’t-go-wrong strategy.


Side note: did you guys know Decker and his wife Jessie have a reality show? It’s on E!. My girlfriend got me to start watching it, and by that, I mean I found out about it, forced her to watch the first few episodes with me, and now we’re hooked. Literally cannot get enough E&J. Granted, I also still watch Real World, so take my TV show recommendations with an entire shaker of salt.

Another reason I liked Decker—as if his wife’s looks weren’t enough—was that I’m typically pretty bullish on wide receivers who are No. 2 options on their team. When a wide receiver isn’t his team’s top receiving threat, he drops in fantasy drafts. It’s not inherently beneficial to target a No. 2 wide receiver, obviously, but it could potentially be a value situation if such a player falls too far due to a perceived lack of attention in the passing game.

If we study No. 2 wide receivers on teams with a top 10 wide receiver—N2WROTWT10WR, if you will—we see that they produce at a higher rate than the typical No. 2 wide receiver.


Decker is no longer a No. 2 WR, but the idea still applies elsewhere.

Check out more on this topic in Fantasy Football for Smart People: 25 Mysteries Solved to Help You Draft a Better Team.

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