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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 22: Speed is more important than weight for RBs.

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Tonight’s fantasy football tip is to value speed in RBs (and if you already do, then do it more). From my new book Fantasy Football for Smart People: How Fantasy Football Pros Game Plan to Win:

The NFL has been getting it wrong for a long time, emphasizing size in running backs and speed in wide receivers. Can you believe all those teams would fail to test what works for so many years? Well, if you consider that every organization lines up scouts with a stopwatch at the combine to record their own 40 times—subject to human error—instead of trusting electronic timing, then yes, you’d believe they could not know what sorts of players they should be searching for at each position.

RB weight

Although we know that bigger backs tend to be worse than smaller ones, I concluded that the effect was mainly due to smaller running backs being faster. We know speed kills at the position, so it’s not like extra weight is worse; it’s just correlated with being slower, which is detrimental.

Check out Fantasy Football for Smart People: How Fantasy Football Pros Game Plan to Win for the full analysis.

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