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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 23: The Key to Winning Fantasy Football Over the Long Run

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Today’s tip comes from a RotoAcademy lesson. You can still enroll in RotoAcademy, my fantasy football school through which you receive a book-length PDF of fantasy football lessons every month, for $3.49 per month.


In a sense, science if very much akin to buying a house, whereas traditional faith-based scouting (or any approach to fantasy football that bypasses analytics) is like renting. When you buy a house, you build up equity in it. Science is similar; you’re building equity in the form of process-oriented knowledge that you can call upon at a later date.

A “Rookie Quarterbacks to Value” article is like paying rent in that you’re trading in something of value to you (your time or your money) in exchange for something that has immediate use, but zero long-term value. When you stop paying your rent, you leave your apartment with nothing to show for it; when you read a waiver wire article, it might have use to you in the immediate future, but it’s not going to help you with the timeless, big-picture concepts that create the foundation of true understanding.

The point isn’t to forgo reading time-sensitive content or seeking out waiver wire advice, because both have a place in fantasy football, but rather to be aware that the path to dominance is through “building equity” in developing your process. Focus on understanding the why over the what.

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