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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 28: Knowing What You Don’t Know

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Today’s tip comes via my new book Fantasy Football for Smart People: 25 Mysteries Solved to Help You Draft a Better Team.

Winning fantasy football leagues used to be like shooting fish in a barrel (and by that I mean it was easy, although that idiom seems like it might be quite difficult in practice). You used to be able to inflict damage on opponents solely with superior player knowledge.

The biggest change in fantasy football that I’ve seen in the past few years is that, whereas it used to be about what you know, now it’s about understanding what you don’t know and acting accordingly. I truly believe that the biggest step you can take in fantasy football is realizing that you probably aren’t as good as you think you are.

It’s not just you, though. By and large, we aren’t very good at making season-long or weekly fantasy football projections. It’s just really difficult.

But you can acquire an advantage by knowing that you don’t know. Accounting for your own fallibility as an owner is vital.

Read more in 25 Mysteries Solved to Help You Draft a Better Team.

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