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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 36: Download the RotoAcademy App on iTunes/Google Play

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Today’s fantasy football tip is to download the RotoAcademy app on either iTunes or Google Play. Simply search ‘RotoAcademy’ and you can download the app for free, then purchase individual issues at your convenience.

For the best value, enroll in RotoAcademy to become a full-time student and receive monthly fantasy football lessons.

**RotoAcademy is a fantasy football training school built around a monthly newsletter that helps owners become elite. Each month, you’ll receive a book-length PDF containing written, video, and audio fantasy football lessons developed by the world’s top players.

Founded by Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball), author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, RotoAcademy is a must-have educational tool for any serious fantasy football owner. Based around a scientific, mathematical approach to fantasy football, RotoAcademy will fundamentally change the way you approach the game.  Download a free sample or learn more.**

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