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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 37: Introducing a 2014 Fantasy Football Video Draft Course | The DC Times

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100 Fantasy Football Tips in 100 Days, Day 37: Introducing a 2014 Fantasy Football Video Draft Course

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Big news. No, huge news. Dare I say massive news? I just made for sale the FFD 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Course (Video Tutorials + Bonus Content).

I’m really excited about this product, which consists primarily of over five hours of mock draft videos I recorded showing off various draft strategies, how to draft based on your pick number, players I like/hate, and a whole lot more.



Only the best video-based fantasy football draft strategy course I’ve ever offered. Also the first video-based fantasy football draft strategy guide I’ve ever offered, so that ‘best’ label might not speak volumes, but I still think it’s pretty cool.

Basically, my Fantasy Football for Smart People book series is based around timeless content. While I discuss all kinds of strategies and philosophies that can help you immediately win fantasy football leagues, it’s not necessarily geared specifically to any particular season.

Lots of you want super-actionable information to better help you win your league in 2014, so I offer the FFD Draft Package—complete with projections, rankings, and content—which is my top-selling product.

Well, this course is a combination of my books and the draft package—over five hours of video tutorials based on 12 mock drafts I completed for 2014. The goal is to not only show you which players I like/hate/love/stalk this year, but also how I personally try to pull off different draft strategies from various draft positions.



You’ll receive five PDFs when you purchase the FFD Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Course. The main PDF—the centerpiece of the package—contains 12 mock draft videos I recently completed with loads of information, and it works out to over five hours of content. I run through all sorts of draft strategies and detail which players I like in each round, who to avoid, and which players are sleepers.

As a bonus, I’m also adding four free samples from four of my new books this year. This content—around 20,000 words—will hopefully act as a supplement to the video tutorials.

The idea behind this is to combine the timeless approach from my books with the time-sensitive data in my draft package to show you how I’m personally approaching fantasy drafts in 2014.



My goal with the mock drafts is to take you through my thought process in all types of scenarios. To do that, I performed one mock draft from each of the 12 different draft slots in a 12-team league. This should help you better understand how I think fantasy football drafts should be approached from different areas in 2014. I of course discuss my favorite and least favorite players along the way.

Further, each mock draft has a different theme or strategy. Here are the draft philosophies I examine in the videos:


Video 1: Zero-RB (Antifragile Drafting) – Pick #12

A look at the Zero-RB draft strategy and how to approach picking last in a 12-team league


Video 2: RB-Heavy (Robust Drafting) – Pick #1

Going “old school” with a draft heavy on running backs; when RB-heavy drafts are smart


Video 3: Contrarian (Against-the-Grain) – Pick #6

An ultra-contrarian draft that seeks to purposely move in the opposite direction of the crowd


Video 4: WR-Heavy – Pick #7

Why and how to pull off a wide-receiver-heavy draft with a mid-round pick


Video 5: Flex Dominance – Pick #11

Why and how to win the flex position in a PPR league


Video 6: Balanced Drafting – Pick #2

Why a balanced draft strategy isn’t dead if you have a specific type of pick in 2014


Video 7: Semi-Early QB – Pick #9

Why I’m fading the late-round quarterback approach in most leagues


Video 8: Buy-Low Drafting in a 2-QB League – Pick #4

A draft that worked out to be completely against-the-grain; how you should value quarterbacks in 2-QB leagues


Video 9: All-Athlete Team – Pick #10

Identifying certain predictors of success for each position


Video 10: “Wisdom of the Crowd” Draft – Pick #3

How to incorporate the thoughts of others into your selections


Video 11: Old-and-Young Draft – Pick #8

Why a barbell-based draft approach that avoids players in their prime can be valuable


Video 12: 16-Team League – Pick #5

Selecting fifth in a 16-team league; which players are undervalued in ESPN drafts




Buy the FFD 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Course now. Now!!!

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