10 Things DFS Players Should Never Do

I was interviewed by Bleacher Report for an article called “10 Things DFS Players Should Never Do.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Don’t Fear Randomness; Variance Can Be Profitable

This one is a Bales specialty. I have to admit, I am risk averse when putting my money down on something. I like statistical backing when setting my lineups and doling out daily fantasy advice.

Bales said there is value in randomness, even as I suggested to him in the interview that thought appeared to fly in the face of fantasy’s reality. His response:

“The more randomness there is, the more value there is in being contrarian. It is counterintuitive to find value in randomness. It is not how you predict things as much as how much you leverage predictability. The more randomness, the bigger the edge.”

OK, we can buy that, even if it is a bit abstract.

In order to win a huge payday in daily fantasy play, you have to have a unique lineup and catch a shred of well-educated luck. You can make your own luck with sound strategies and daily lineup choices.