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My 2015 Dallas Cowboys Preview (Sort Of)

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I haven’t posted anything here in a long, long time. I’m actually still using a version of WordPress that’s from like 2011 and it looks absolutely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the Declaration of Independence was created on this version of WordPress.

Anyway, I really do miss writing Cowboys content – it was always just something that was a lot of fun for me – so I thought it would be cool to post some of my old articles that I think still have value today. A lot of the research/content I did was at least semi-evergreen, so there’s a bunch of stuff below that still represents how I feel today about certain players and trends.


My 2015 Dallas Cowboys Preview (without a single word written after 2013)

Romo Isn’t Poor in 4th Quarter

Winning and the Illusion of Offensive Balance

Passing on 1st Down

More on Offensive Balance

Do Cowboys Really Need to Run More?

Why Dez Will Be Better Than Megatron

How Many Targets for Dez?

Forcing Offenses to Run

Why Measurables Matter

Up-Tempo Offense

Why Best Player Available Sucks

How Important Is Rushing Success to Passing Game?

Hand Size and QB Success

Using More Shotgun

Mid-Round RBs

Why Romo Shouldn’t Minimize Interceptions

Dunbar > Randle

Not All Penalties the Same

Pressure and Takeaways

Dan Bailey’s Value

Throwing Deep

Joseph Randle Breakdown

Least Favorite Plays for Dallas

Unexpected Play-Calls

Romo and Randomness

Okay, that’s good enough. Bye.

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  1. trent says:

    good to have you back, dude.

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