6 Vintage Home Interiors you will absolutely love

Designing a home can be a very overwhelming experience. There are various types of home designs that you can consider for your home. A vintage home interior design is one of the most appealing designs you could choose. With many antique elements, vintage home decor always appeals to people. Also, it is a budget-friendly approach. However, it is a very challenging task, and there are certainly some considerations to ensure you are able to strike the right balance. These home design tips are especially useful if you’re consider a vintage-inspired redesign:

1 ) Use old trunks as coffee tables

The old trunks used by grandparents are a lovely addition to a vintage home decor. Since they are not travel-friendly, most people do not use them anymore. You can use the antique old trunk as a coffee table in the living room to enliven its appeal. Paint it with a colour that has a vintage appeal and complements the rest of your home design. 

2 ) Stack up trunks of various sizes

Create a retro look in the bedroom by stacking up trunks of different sizes together. Start with the big one at the bottom and end with the smallest one at the top. You can choose different colours for each trunk. Put them at any one nook of the bedroom and add a vintage appeal to your bedroom. A few colour choices are blue, yellow, and orange. Also, this is quite budget-friendly as you can buy trunks from any store and paint them yourself. Add a vase at the top if you want to incorporate a vintage decorative. Other options include painted tea kettles, photo frames, cups, and many more. 

3 ) Turn an old crib into a bench

If you have an old crib in the basement, it is time to put it to some use. Start with repainting it completely. Make sure to choose a colour that has a vintage appeal to it. Copper or gold can be a very good option as it easily blends with different types of vintage home decor. The repainted crib will be the perfect vintage bench for your home. To make it more attractive and comfortable for your guests, add a velvet cushion to it. 

4 ) Add a tall ladder in the living room

Tall ladders are a great out-of-the-box addition to a vintage setup. They are more suitable for simple and minimalist interiors. Choose bold or warm colours to paint the ladder. However, the colour should match the home decor. Place it either near a window or any one corner of the living room. If you want the ladder to completely blend in with the decor, you can get it customized as well. Use the ladder as a shelf and place small plants or other vintage decorative items on it. 

5 ) Buy furniture that has vintage appeal

This may prove to be a little expensive but you can consider buying vintage furniture pieces if you have a budget. A vintage furniture piece will look perfect in the room. Choose wooden and velvety tables and chairs that are ideal for large living rooms so that your guests can sit comfortably. You can also add ottomans, a small coffee table, footrests, and many more items to create a vintage appeal. However, you should keep in mind that this may prove to be quite expensive. 

6 ) You can never go wrong with chandeliers 

One of the prime elements of a vintage home interior is a chandelier. Installing a chandelier can instantly transform the look of the room. However, they do not go well with rooms with low ceilings. Also, if you buy a chandelier that is too big for the room, it might ruin the overall appeal. While buying the chandelier, make sure that its colour matches the colour of the other elements in the room like the window treatments and paint of the walls.

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