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FAQ | The DC Times

The DC Times

A New Way to Look at the Cowboys, NFL, and Fantasy Football


Q: What is The DC Times?

The DC Times was founded by Jonathan Bales and is your one-stop destination for innovative Cowboys news and information.  I pride myself on the quality of the content here.  I take the time to break down Cowboys’ game film in an effort to bring you factual information instead of opinion-based hype.

Q:  What information do you provide?

In addition to offseason stat analysis and draft coverage, you’ll find that I provide in-depth previews and reviews of each Cowboys game.  Under the “Gameday” tab, you’ll see information about What to Watch, DOs and DON’Ts, Initial Game Notes, What We Learned, Final Film Observations, and Player Grades for each and every game.

Q:  Who works for The DC Times?

I currently provide all content.  In the past, The DC Times had three employees: myself, draft expert and economics guru Justin Shoemaker, and “The Blonde Side” blogger Amber Leigh Hartman.  You can read more about all of us in the “About Us” section.

Q:  What separates Dallas Cowboys Times from DallasCowboys.com or other Cowboys websites?

Simple. . .film study and unique statistical analysis.  I break down each and every play for you into over 40 different categories.  My film study database allows me to easily sort through statistics and perform complex calculations in just seconds.

Outside of film study, I really believe I bring you the full spectrum of Dallas Cowboys coverage.  I provide player interviews, unmatched draft coverage, and the most recent Cowboys news.

Amber Leigh also uses her inside connections to dig up the latest ‘gossip’ on the players.  Heck, we even have Hot Cowboys Babes.

Q:  Can I ask a question to be answered in your Mailbag?

Sure!  Simply visit the Mailbag/Contact Us link and submit your question.

Q:  This site sucks.  How can I change it?

Thanks for your inquiry made-up-person-who-is-actually-me-typing-frequently-asked-questions.  You may submit any site suggestions here.

Q:  May I submit an article to The DC Times?

While I do encourage you to show us your stuff, know that I am very stringent with content requirements.  If you think you have top-quality work and want to submit it here, feel free.  You will be fully credited. . .unless it is REALLY good :)

Q:  Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes.  At the top of every page is a “Stay Connected” link and our Twitter and Facebook profiles are in there.  They are also at the bottom of each page on the “Follow Me” icon.

Q:  How do I subscribe to your RSS feed?

The RSS feed is located in the same spots as the Facebook and Twitter pages (see above question).

Q:  Can I go out with “The Blonde Side” blogger Amber Leigh?  What is her number?

You cannot go out with her because we are dating.  I even plan to tell her that she’s my girlfriend soon, which will be a big step for both of us.  I will be auctioning off her number on Ebay shortly.

However, you can follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Facebook.

***UPDATE*** Amber Leigh and I are officially engaged.  She is going to be thrilled to find out.

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