All about Tangkasnet: How to Download and Play the Game

Tangkasnetis a popular five-card poker game in Indonesia. Since its inception, it has played a vital role in kicking the casino fever in the country a notch ahead thus far. Despite the game not being available in casinos legally for more than 20 years, the game has not yet lost its charm in the eyes of its enthusiasts. The game has gained in popularity in recent years.

This has happened even though the game has a Chinese origin. The game is believed to have developed in Chinese Taipei after which it spread out to the adjoining countries of China, including Indonesia.

Due to the innovation, coupled with the transition of technology, one does not need to undertake the burden of going to a casino or any other place for playing the game. One can enjoy the game anywhere and at any time on their smartphone. This gives the player the advantage of mobility and lets them enjoy the game without actually walking into the casino. However, an individual must ensure that their smartphone is connected to the internet

and has in-built java software to run the game on it.

Mickey Mouse Tangkasnet is a popular variant of the game. It is more popular in Indonesia. With HP Android phones at one’s disposal, entering into the game site and playing it is virtually a piece of a cakewalk. One just needs to click on the Mickey Mouse icon to first download the game. Thereafter, one needs to sign in with one’s username. Only the usernames of GAME 88 are allowed for this purpose.

Once a player starts playing the game online, it is great fun and offers hours of non-stop entertainment. One can spend their gala time playing this game and make the most out of it. Also, some players consider it as a game which helps them in making money. The winner of the game is decided based on the number of combinations. The player who succeeds in showing the highest number of card combinations is considered the winner in the game.

Overall, the game involves five cards out of which a player needs to select any two cards. Apart from a lot of thinking, the luck of a player plays a vital role in drawing the line of distinction between the winner and the runner-up of the game in the end. According to most players, the involvement of these two factors is what makes the game interesting.

The best part about Tangkasnet is that it is an online game with variations. This translates into the fact that the players of this game are not likely to get bored out of playing this game for long hours. Due to the variations, one can consider taking up a new challenge with a new set of rules to test one’s luck factor and skills of playing the game. Both punters and the casual players of the game can try it out either for fun or for making money.

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