All You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Cold Water Tap

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Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with a beautiful new
cold water tap (kaltwasserhahn)? You may think that all taps are created equal, but there are actually many different types of taps available that offer various features and benefits. From style and design to materials and finishes, choosing the right cold water tap for your home can be overwhelming. Read on for everything you need to know about selecting the perfect cold water tap for your kitchen. 

Pressure & Temperature Regulation 

When shopping for a cold water tap, pay attention to its pressure and temperature regulation capabilities. Different models come with different features and settings, so find one that suits your needs best. Some taps come with adjustable temperature controls so you can easily set the desired temperature for when you turn on the tap — perfect for filling up large pots or cleaning dishes without worrying about scalding yourself! Other models even come with additional features such as automatic shut offs and child locks — great if you want extra peace of mind while using your tap. 


Style & Design Options 

When it comes to choosing a cold water tap, there are several styles and designs to consider. The most popular option is a single-lever mixer tap, which allows you to adjust both hot and cold temperatures with one lever. If you prefer a more traditional look, then two-handle taps may be the best choice for you. These taps have separate handles for controlling hot and cold temperatures separately, allowing for more precise control over the temperature of the water. Additionally, wall-mounted taps are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens due to their sleek lines and contemporary feel. 

No matter what style or design you choose, make sure that it matches the rest of your kitchen’s décor. For instance, if you have an industrial-style kitchen then a wall-mounted black steel tap would complement it perfectly. Alternatively, if you want something more classic then a chrome two-handle mixer tap would work well in this space. 

Materials & Finishes 

The material used in manufacturing your chosen tap has an important role in how long it will last and how easy it is to maintain its appearance over time. Most people opt for metal options such as stainless steel or brass as these materials are strong and durable enough to withstand everyday use without corroding or rusting quickly. However, plastic taps can also work well if they’re correctly installed by an experienced plumber who knows what they’re doing! As for finishes, chrome is often considered the most attractive option due to its classic look and ability to easily fit into any style of kitchen décor – however other options such as brushed nickel or matte black can also look great depending on your personal preference! 

Installation & Maintenance 

It’s important that whichever type of cold water tap you select is properly installed by an experienced plumber who knows what they’re doing when it comes to plumbing fixtures like this one! This way you can ensure that all necessary components (such as valves) are correctly fitted so that no leaks occur after installation – which could cause major damage if not taken care of immediately! Additionally, while metal options require less maintenance than plastic ones (as they don’t scratch/discolor easily), all taps should be regularly cleaned with warm soapy water in order to remove any grime or dirt buildup which can accumulate over time – especially in areas where hard water is present! 



For those looking for a stylish addition to their home kitchen, finding the perfect cold water tap should be at the top of their list of priorities! With so many styles and designs available on the market today – ranging from single lever mixers up through wall mounted options – there is something out there for everyone who wants quality results from their plumbing fixtures! Furthermore, considering material type (stainless steel vs plastic) along with finish (chrome vs brushed nickel) will help narrow down choices even further before finally making sure installation is done correctly by an experienced professional before enjoying many years of use out of this essential appliance!

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