All you need to know about TU GET Score

An English language proficiency test that you have to clear and submit to the Thammasat University is TU-GET. Attempting this test is just like attempting the SATs, IELTS, or TOEFL. Getting a good score is equally tricky. You have to choose the best TU GET Tutor [ติว สอบ sat, which is the term in Thai] so that you can get the complete guidelines about the test; what is the test format and how can you manage to score well in it. Students face a lot of problems with the test score, so this guide will help you in scoring extra marks and get admission at Thammasat University. 

The perfect grammar to clear the grammar section:

To assess your general grammar, this section will have 2 questions; sentence completion and error identification. You must be able to identify the grammatical errors in both questions. It will be easier for you to solve this section if you have a very good command over grammar. You need to be remarkable in parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, conjunctions etc.

Excellent vocabulary to answer the vocab section:

This section has 25 items that carry 250 points. The two types of questions in this section focus on synonyms, antonyms etc. and how will you use them in a given statement. A good vocab can make your way through the section easily. 

The reading comprehension ability check:

This is a simple passage reading section where different passages are given, and questions are stated at the end. You have to read the passage and answer these questions. The section is based on 50 questions carrying 500 points. 

If you are good at English and have a strong, analytical mind, you can pass the exam with ease. A good score will get you admission to the Thammasat University. The question you need to answer is where to study for SAT [คอร์ส เรียน ielts, which is the term in Thai] and TU GET. 

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