Bathroom Over-looked Details during Remodeling

How you plan your bathroom remodeling would determine its success. Some people don’t think their bathroom deserves a touch. As small it might be, you don’t have to wing it away. There are hundreds of designs obtainable to choose from. It can be a daunting task looking for the best design that suits your bathroom. The design you choose contributes to the success of your restroom. 

However, we at Bathrooms Townsville have observed that some homeowners tend to overlook the planning phase. So, what are the most over-looked details when planning a remodel project? Let’s unveil them.

Investing in cheap materials

Bathroom renovation is expensive, and cutting corners shouldn’t be encouraged. We understand you want to cut your budget, but investing in cheap materials has consequences. For instance, you need materials that will stand the test of time and won’t be affected or damaged by humidity. You can use wallpaper but avoid hanging it close to the shower.

Unnecessary moving fixtures

If you are worried about your budget, avoid moving certain bathroom elements such as sink, toilet, and shower. These would help you save money and time as you leave them in their initial location. 

Bathroom directly to the living room

Imagine having a bathroom that opens directly to the living room or kitchen. It is architecturally wrong in all ramifications. It’s quite a complicated problem to deal with. You won’t want to peep into the water closet while you are socializing with your friends in the sitting room. How about using the bathroom with others right close to the door? It is a turnoff. 

Poor ventilation 

Bathrooms Townsville remodels many bathrooms, and it will amaze you to know how often we deal with flawed ventilation systems. This can cause life-threatening situations besides damaging your property. The best option is to install a sound ventilation system. Alternatively, you can add a window for light and natural ventilation. 

Lack of space

Another highly overlooked detail when planning a bathroom remodel is not creating space around the toilet. Bathrooms Townsville follows building codes specification for bathroom, which requires more spaces around the toilet. Toilet are of different sizes; pick one that suits your bathroom and won’t occupy more space than required.


Which of the aforementioned overlooked detail did you face when remodeling your bathroom? We do like to hear from you. At Bathrooms Townsville, our goal is to provide the best affordable service for our clients. Let’s give your remodeling the finishing touch it deserves.

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