BSNL Online Payment from Only Trusted Sites

Online payments have become a part of our lives – for most of us, at least. The reason is simple – it is easy, fast and straightforward. There are no signatures required, you do not have to remember any account numbers or card numbers, you can make payments from even your small smartphone – all this and more makes it convenient for even-aged people to use the online method freely whenever required. In order to pay for your BSNL landline and mobile bills, you can simply go onto the official website of BSNL and choose the option of BSNL online payment to get started with the process. Feed-in the number, mention the amount, click on the preferred mode of payment and your work is done.

All this not only sounds and looks simply; it is plain and effortless. While making your BSNL online payment you can also choose to go ahead with a reseller like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe. Since many amongst us use either one of these resellers for other services like shopping, booking air tickets or even movie tickets, and/or the virtual wallet from these service providers, it makes sense to use their services for online payment of mobile and landline bills.

Whether you are using a reseller site or the official BSNL site for BSNL online payment of bills and recharges, you need to ensure the following before going ahead with the payment transaction: –

  • Presence of https instead of a simple http in the address line. The ‘s’ stands for security that comes from an SSL certificate that is a guarantee to the end-user that the information being entered by him on the site will be protected while the absence of the ‘s’ could put the site at risk from scrupulous hackers online.
  • Every website has a data privacy policy. You need to read the same in details before conducting any type of online transaction from the site. The privacy policy clearly spells out how the data is collected, how it will be used and how it will be secured throughout. It is mandatory for websites to have a privacy policy in most countries and even in India. Being informed about the data security aspects of the site can help you know for sure if the site is trustworthy and the company serious about protecting your personal information.
  • Most online platforms that accept online payments will have an icon of a trust seal or the words, ‘Secure’ clearly written on the homepage. Reliable website owners ensure that they bear the seal so that customers trust them with their sensitive financial information.
  • When making BSNL online payment from the BSNL Website, ensure that it is the correct and authentic official site – lookout for contact numbers and verify the physical address so that you are hundred percent sure that the site belongs to BSNL. Similarly, with reseller sites – ensure that the contact information provided on the site is genuine. The presence of correct contact information may not protect your data but helps build trust in you about the authenticity of the company.

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