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Cowboys Photos | The DC Times - Part 2

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“22 in 22″ Day 21: Hall of Fame Weekend Photo Gallery

“22 in 22″ Day 21: Hall of Fame Weekend Photo Gallery

Before Emmitt even arrived in Canton, Ohio for the enshrinement ceremony, we participated in a conference call with the Hall of Famer.


I have an interesting article coming tomorrow (the final day of “22 in 22”) detailing which current NFL running back has the best opportunity to break Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record.  Until then, take a look at the final gallery of DC Times photos from the 2010 Hall of Fame Enshrinement weekend.


Top 20 Cowboys-Dolphins Photos

Photos courtesy of Alexis Galvez Ponce and Dallas Morning News


Top 15 Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans Photos

Photos courtesy of Alexiz Galvez Ponce


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard: Top 30 Photos

Photos courtesy of Alexis Gálvez Ponce


Introducing “22 in 22″: A Tribute to Emmitt Smith

Note: This is part one of a 22-part series. Click below to see previous installments of “22 in 22.”

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16

Some might call it the single most defining moment in a player’s career.  Others might say it’s what it takes to be the best.

But, if you had to pinpoint the single most important quality it takes for you to reach sports highest pinnacle of success–where your dreams could one day become immortalized into the Pro Football Hall of Fame–what would you say it is?

What truly separates the 260+ players on this team from the 20,169 players on all other teams since pro football’s inception in 1892?  Surprisingly, it is not what you might guess.  It’s not ambition, luck, or talent.  The characteristic that defines the crème of the crop and what our own Emmitt Smith is made of is. . .commitment.

The commitment to become an all-time champion. . .

The commitment to defy all odds and win multiple Super Bowls. . .

The commitment to do whatever it takes to surpass the “unbreakable mark” and become the NFL’s all-time rushing leader.

To commemorate Emmitt’s achievement, Dallas Cowboys Times presents “22 in 22”: a tribute to perhaps the single greatest running back in NFL history.

In our “22 in 22” Series (taking place over, yup you guess it, the next 22 days), you will find various pictures, videos, and sound clips from Emmitt that we gathered while covering his Hall of Fame induction.

Per NFL rules, we can only post the video and audio clips for a 24 hour period, so be sure to check back each day as we commemorate the career of Emmitt Smith.

Special thanks to Lorei Reinhard and Eddie Canales, both of whom worked with our own Dave Kraft (bio coming shortly) in Canton to garner some awesome and unique footage of Emmitt which you will see over the next 21 days, as well as Nick Reinhard and Chris Canales (co-founder of gridironheroes.org) for their video editing assistance.


Before Emmitt even arrived in Canton, Ohio for the enshrinement ceremony, we participated in a conference call with the Hall of Famer.

Among other things, Emmitt told us he isn’t willing to make any bold predictions about the 2010 Cowboys squad, but that they “have a lot to look forward to.”

He also told Dallas Cowboys Times correspondent that his current workout plan is basically non-existent, but he is watching what he eats and “trying to do the P90X thing.”  Click the link above to listen to the entire conference call.

The two videos below are from the Hall of Fame Balloon Classic Invitational for media members.  The first is personal footage from Dave Kraft, and the second is the Balloon Classic from a grander perspective. Enjoy.

Originally created in Brazil, when Clown-N-Around is not entertaining crowds around the world, it floats above its circus grounds of upstate New York.  Measuring an amazing 110-feet, this special-shaped balloon often steals the sky as the tallest balloon at most festivals.  For more information on how you can take a once in a breathtaking ride aboard this world-famous basket of laughs please visit: Clown-N-around.net

Scott & Todd Monahan will entertain you with their full clown treatment, but assured us (with straight faces) they never joke around when it comes to passenger safety.

For more Clown-N-Around pics, click here.

As a “teaser” to “22 in 22,” check out some photos we took from Emmitt’s pre-enshrinement media session.  Videos of the session to come.


2010 Hall of Fame Enshrinement, Game Day Round Table Photos

Dallas Cowboys Times correspondent Dave Kraft was able to cover the entire Hall of Fame weekend for us.  We will be posting his material periodically throughout the week.  Below are some of the shots he took of Emmitt Smith’s induction and Sunday’s round table interviews with Terence Newman, Jason Witten, and Tony Romo.


Cowboys News and Notes, 8/5/10: Marcus Spears Injures MCL

The injury would keep him out 4-6 weeks.  Either way, he won’t be playing in this weekend’s Hall of Fame game.  Spears haters may rejoice, but the Cowboys are dropping like flies on the defensive line.   Stephen Bowen should start in his place.  The battle for playing time at defensive end is heating up.

The Cowboys have been doing a lot of live work this preseason, which may or may not explain the rash of injuries.  Luckily, no one has been lost for a significant amount of time, i.e. the entire season.

I guess we can still call him “The Playmaker.”

Charles Haley on Training Camp Report

A lot of people are uneasy about this, but there isn’t much about which to get worked up over.  Aikman loves the Cowboys.  It isn’t like he is going to provide Kolb with any specific tips on how to beat his former team.

Two of the games–this weekend’s against the Bengals and August 28 in Houston–are on national television.  The rest you can catch on NFL Network within 24 hours of game time.

The IUP product is extremely intelligent and has obviously been paying attention during meetings.  He also showed incredible burst on his first touch of training camp, a kick return.  ‘Kwasi has a good shot to be the primary kick returner by Week One.

  • The Cowboys’ offensive linemen received haircuts today.

Photos are below.


Top 25 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photos

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp photos courtesy of The Canadian Press, AP, ESPN, and USPresswire.


20 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Pictures: San Antonio, Day One

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp: Day One, San Antonio
Photos Courtesy of mysanantonio.com.


Kim Kardashian Denies Dating Cowboys WR Miles Austin, But Photos Don’t Lie

Recent reports. . .and photos. . .and videos have linked Miles Austin with actress (?) Kim Kardashian.  On Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show, however, Kardashian denied dating Austin.

Image Courtesy of TMZ

Kim said, “I’m in a huge love affair with my career right now.  I’m meeting some really great people and just trying to live my life, and definitely be a lot more private than I was before.”

Of course, we’ve posted photos of the two spending time together, dining, and even kissing here.

And here.

And here.

And of course there’s the newest photo to the left of the two spending some time in Cabo.

So deny it all you want Ms. Kardashian.  We know you are here to stay.  And unlike lots of Dallas fans, that’s A-Okay with us.