Dining Chair Choices: It’s Not Easy, So Choose Wisely

Once upon a time, purchasing a full dining room set that included both the dining table and chairs in the same design was practically a must. This isn’t the case anymore, unfortunately.

How to choose the right table and chairs

Is it always necessary to pair a table with a set of chairs? That is no longer the case. Purchasing a full set, which included a dining table and chairs in the same design, was nearly an unavoidable decision at one point.

While this made the decision simpler, it also resulted in the dining room being set out in a very predictable and apparent manner on the other hand. For dining chairs online sale this is most essential.

The Current Details

Currently, it is far more usual to purchase a table and chairs separately, even if the styles and patterns are totally different from one another.

As a result, it is possible to mix ultra-contemporary kinds with a traditional table, or to purchase models that are all distinct from one another but have one thing in common: they are all tables (style, colour or materials).

As a result, the selection process has grown more complex, in part due to the vast range of goods available on the market.

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn some basic principles that will make the job much simpler.

Let’s start with some ideas for how to put the two pieces together

Chairs made of transparent methacrylate may help to bring a dark wood table up to date. Chairs made of fabric appear well next to a really dark table. Chairs made of colored methacrylate adapt better to light essences than chairs made of transparent methacrylate. The brand woodgreen is most essential here.

The chair dimensions are as follows

In addition to the visual compatibility of the table and chairs, the seat must have a perfect one-to-one proportion between the two pieces of furniture in order for the seat to be comfortable.

  • In most cases, a table’s height is between 72 and 76 cm, but those in classic or ancient design may reach 80 – 83 cm; seat height, on the other hand, is typically between 40 and 47 cm. As a result, the gap between this and the bottom edge of the table must not be more than 30 cm in order to allow for easy movement of the legs.
  • Of course, in order to determine the level of comfort provided by a chair, I recommend that you sit in it and measure the distance between the two levels.
  • As a rule, if the chair has padding, it is better to measure the height of the seat both empty and with a person sitting on it, since the padding may droop.

Also required is that the chairs move smoothly beneath the table without striking its legs or coming into contact with one another. In reality, the optimum space between them would be at least 5 cm, which means that the seat should not be too broad, i.e., no more than 45-55 cm in width.Also, pay attention to the depth of the seat, since if it is too deep, it may be uncomfortable for the legs to sit on it. Ideally, the depth should range between 46 and 60 cm.


If the chair has armrests, make sure they do not interfere with your ability to approach the table, making it difficult to use, and that they do not strike the tabletop, causing wear and tear as a result of continuous usage.

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