Do You Want the Best Pizza in the World?  

We spend an incredible amount of money eating out. In return, we rarely get an equally incredible experience. We hunger for food with unforgettable taste, rare and sublime. But more often, as the growth of the fast food industry shows, we get instead a mediocre, mass-produced product. What if there was a way to bring food back to culinary excellence? What if there was a way to return an Italian food concept to the type of gourmet preparation it deserves? You might not be familiar with it, but there is. The wood fired pizza oven.

We’ve probably all had pizza. Pizza that was pretty good. Maybe we’ve even eaten great pizza. But there’s only one way to have a true gourmet pizza experience. First, you’ve got to use the very finest in pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. That’s a given. Then these must be cooked in the finest wood fired pizza oven. Pizza ovens can be used to cook many things, but they are specifically designed to make great pizza. You can get a pizza oven that fits into your kitchen, fired by gas or electricity. And the best of these make wonderful pizza. But for the ultimate pizza experience, a wood fired pizza oven is essential. Why? The wood fired oven permits a higher heat, which cooks faster and seals flavor in. The wood flavor, the original flavor of all cooking, is unequaled. And this oven not only makes the very best pizza, it imparts incredible flavor to all meats and vegetables.

What should you look for in this finest of pizza ovens? You should look for an established and distinguished maker. One who has been around for decades and has proven to be the best. You should look for an oven maker who uses only the finest quality materials and methods. Methods such as solid-weld dome construction, with the doming front to back and side to side to eliminate hot spots and ensure even cooking. Look for an oven maker who produces an oven with the high heat threshold necessary for making the best pizza. A maker who takes the care to insulate the cooking chamber for the highest in heat retention and pizza quality. A maker who offers the finest in accessories, including authentic Neapolitan, Saputo stones.

Where would you find such a maker of pizza ovens? The answer: In Italy, of course, the place where pizza originated. It’s all about high quality. The best life has to offer isn’t found just anywhere. But the good news is you don’t need to go all the way to Italy to get one, although you certainly could. Fortunately, the finest wood fired pizza oven made today is at your fingertips.


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