Facebook Video Ads: Here’s How To Get The Engagement You Need

When you think of advertisements on Facebook, you most likely visualize a Facebook video ad. Due to how easy it is to get immersed, Facebook suggests the usage and has even prioritized video ads for most people’s timelines. That’s why it is vital for you to take advantage of it if you want to increase your engagement numbers.

It is easy to become numb of what you see on your screen when you are just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. That’s why posting idle pictures and blocks of texts aren’t effective in increasing engagement. Find out how you can use Facebook video production services to boost your Facebook video ads advantage.

Facebook Is Dominated By Mobile Users

When was the last time you opened your Facebook account through a desktop computer? Probably a few days ago, right? When was the last time you opened it on your phone? High probability that you were just scrolling around a few minutes ago.

Most of the active users on Facebook are on it through their mobile device. That’s why you have to create video ads that are in a vertical format to optimize it for mobile consumption. They are also much more appealing to those that are just scrolling through Facebook because they cover more space.

Call To Action Right At The Start

Putting an enticing message at the very beginning of your video followed by a call to action is an effective way to boost engagement. You can still continue the rest of the video and fill it with meaningful content with a recap of what you wanted them to do right after.

This ensures that no matter where the people are on your video currently, they will always have a call to action to elicit a response out of them. That’s why you always hear influencers ask their followers to hit the like button and share a video even before getting right to the content.

Customized Subtitles And Closed Captions

Although Facebook video ads allow you to upload your own subtitle file or put your own closed captions after uploading, it is better if you provide the text in-video. This lets you customize the text to make them more readable.

The only drawback to this is you won’t have the ability to change them later on, but if you know that there is a certain finality, you won’t have to do it anyway. Instead, you can use the subtitles feature of Facebook video ads for translations or even adding commentary later on.

Avoid Tricking Your Viewers

People have grown tired of clickbait. Although there will still be a lot of people that fall for clickbait, you can’t create a loyal following when you rely solely on deceiving your audiences. Most users that consume video content on Facebook, even ads, prefer to be fully informed of what they’re about to watch.

This is your chance to inform them, in all honesty, of what they are about to see. You can use a sandwich of positive, neutral, and positive description of the video through the title and caption. This way, you can catch the attention of your audience, inform them, and hype them to watch the video again even if it is an ad.

If you want to dominate your niche, consider tapping the services of the pros for Facebook video production.

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