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You will then have the choice between two types of cameras, namely wired cameras which send the images via a cable network and wireless cameras which in turn pass through a Wifi network for example.

Wired systems are generally more reliable than wireless systems but require more extensive installation work in return. Wireless systems have a limited range beyond which the signal weakens unless the data goes through the home internet network. The signal range excluding wifi is indicated on the equipment and corresponds to the maximum distance without obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver. You can choose the cctv systems london there.

Choose an analog camera or an IP camera:

Still among the different types of cameras to which you will have access on the CCTV market, you will have the choice between analog cameras and IP cameras.

Analog cameras are the oldest models and are less and less frequent. They work by sending the images as they are received to the recorder.

IP cameras, on the other hand, film images in compressed digital format and send them via the Internet, whether via an Ethernet cable connection or a Wi-Fi connection. The advantage of this system is that you can view these images remotely from a personal interface and simply through a device also connected to the Internet.

Among the most advanced IP cameras on the market, some are motorized and remotely controllable. They can thus be controlled from your online interface and sometimes even include a microphone and a speaker. Others of these cameras have a local image storage device with an SD card and can thus record them independently and without any intervention on your part.

If you choose an analog video surveillance system, you will ensure that the recording center you choose has enough ports to connect all the cameras installed in your home. For IP cameras, this limit does not exist and you can theoretically connect an infinite number of cameras although sometimes this requires a specific subscription.

Choose your video surveillance equipment according to the resolution and the objective:

  • The level of resolution of the video surveillance camera and its lens are also elements to compare in order to choose well.
  • The resolution will notably define the fineness of the image. A camera with a high resolution will therefore give better quality images with more detail.
  • As for the resolution of analog cameras, it varies from 420 lines to 1000 lines for HD cameras.
  • Digital cameras offer VGA resolutions of 640 x 480 px, SVGA of 800 x 600 px, HD 720 P of 1280 x720 px, HD 1080P of 1600 x 1200 px, HD 3 megapixel of 2048 x 1536 px and HD 5 megapixel of 2560 x 2048 px. Of course, the best digital resolutions on the market are 5 megapixel HD which will offer less pixelated images.
  • In all cases, we advise you to opt for HD or High Definition resolution rather than SD resolution to be sure of obtaining usable images.


As for the camera lens, it is defined by the focal length which goes from 2.5 mm to 100 mm. The larger the lens, the narrower the field of vision, but the farther you will be able to see and vice versa for small lenses which will target what is called a wide angle and allow you to obtain a wider but shallower image. Finally, fixed focal lengths are generally the cheapest lenses but will not allow zooming in on certain elements, unlike variable focal lengths.

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